Sustainability Governance

Amid global changes in values and behavior, as well as increasing awareness of the need to reduce the burden of climate change on the environment, “K” LINE considers sustainability management a priority issue for enhancing corporate value over the medium to long term and discusses the issue as necessary at Board of Directors’ meetings. To strengthen our management focus on these issues, we have established the Corporate Sustainability Management Committee and the GHG Reduction Strategy Committee.
The Corporate Sustainability Management Committee, chaired by the president & CEO, is enhancing corporate value by reviewing and formulating a promotion system for the “K” LINE Group’s sustainability management.
The Environmental Sub-Committee, a subcommittee under the Corporate Sustainability Management Committee, is responsible for operating the environmental management system (EMS) formulated in accordance with the “K” LINE Group Environmental Policy and the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The subcommittee is also responsible for promoting other environmental activities.
The second committee, the Sustainability Sub-Committee, is responsible for promoting management that will contribute to the sustainability of “K” LINE’s businesses and the enhancement of corporate value. This is achieved by developing ship safety navigation technology, economic navigation technology, and environmental technology, including next-generation fuel compatibility, and thorough initiatives for low-carbon and carbon-free businesses, digital transformation (DX) compatibility, and our response to social issues, as well as further reinforcement of governance and compliance.
The GHG Reduction Strategy Committee formulates GHG reduction strategies, primarily focusing on fuel conversion, for the Group in response to the urgent need for various environmental countermeasures. The committee is also responsible for formulating policies for, and overseeing the implementation of, comprehensive response strategies, technical measures such as equipment selection, and preparations for smooth operations.
Specifically, we established three project teams, the CII and 2030 Environmental Target Project Team, the Fleet Decarbonization Project Team, and the Safety and Environmental Technology Project Team, as subcommittees under the GHG Reduction Strategy Committee. They are responsible for reinforcing the organizational response to urgent issues, such as the Energy Efficient Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), accelerating initiatives to develop ships fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the LNG fuel supply business and examine next-generation fuels and new technologies, and formulating the latest measures for compliance with environmental guidelines, including technical aspects.

Sustainability Management Structure

As an organization responsible for promoting sustainable management, we are accelerating sustainability efforts through the activities of the Corporate Sustainability, Environment Management, IR and Communication Group, the Carbon-Neutral Promotion Group, the GHG Reduction Strategy Group, the Fuel Strategy & Procurement Group, and the Advanced Technology Group.

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Percentage of sustainability e-learning participants in fiscal 2023

As a part of our efforts to raise awareness among officers and employees at the “K” LINE Group worldwide, we offered e-learning program on sustainability, covering human rights, environmental issues, sustainable procurement, etc., in fiscal 2023.

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