Recognition of risks and opportunities associated with changes in the external environment

*1 “Breaking away from legacy corporate culture”

“The essence of DX is quick responses to environmental changes and actions to change not only the existing systems, but also corporate cultures (break away from legacy corporate cultures).”

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry DX Report 2 (Interim Report) December 28, 2020

“K” Line DX strategy

Further advancing the digitalization of information and administrative processes as well as vessels, enhancing the core values of safety, environmental conservation and quality through the utilization of data and digital technology, and increasing the added value of our services to further strengthen competitiveness


Objectives to achieve through DX and specific initiatives

Deploy strategy from five perspectives that are important for promoting DX

Quickly and flexibly move up stages according to changes in customer and social issues

DX ashore

Unify business quality at high level, improve efficiency, and establish a sustainable work system by formalizing tacit knowledge

Deepen customer partnerships by providing new value employing data and digital technology

DX at sea

Achieve overall optimal navigation through the merger of big data accumulated over many years and AI analysis technology

Lightens workloads on crew and firmly maintain safety by enhancing navigation support system

DX of data

Accomplish IT modernization and promote development and utilization of data integration platform on the premise of external data collaboration

Participate in an ecosystem that connects with “K”LINE Group customers and other companies by data collaboration and utilization

DX of human resources

Design and implement DX training per achievement level for all employees (D+ Project)

Establish a promotion committee led by management and a cross-organizational promotion department, as well as a group co-creation system

Security that supports DX

Continue to support DX promotion by expanding the digital platform for cyber security both on land and at sea

Strengthen security governance globally and build an organization capable of responding to cyber incidents

Foster a security-first culture through security education and enlightenment activities in addition to technical measures
Develop and secure expert human resources related to cybersecurity, such as Registered Information Security Specialists