Charter of Conduct: “K” Line Group Companies

The “K” LINE Group has adopted the following Charter of Conduct for the “K” LINE Group companies as standards of behavior for the entire Group.

Charter of Conduct: “K” Line Group Companies

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter “K” Line Group) reemphasize that due respect for human rights and compliance with applicable laws, ordinances, rules are the fundamental foundations for corporate activities and that group companies’ growth must be in harmony with society and therefore, in order to contribute toward sustainable development of society, we herein declare to abide by “Charter of Conduct” spelled out below:



1.Human rights

The “K” Line Group will consistently respect human rights and we will positively consider personality, individuality and diversity of its corporate members and improve work safety and conditions to offer them comfort and affluence. 



The “K” Line Group promises to comply with applicable laws, ordinances, rules and other norms of behavior both in the domestic and international community and conduct its corporate activities through fair, transparent and free competition.


3.Trustworthy company group

The “K” Line Group continues to pay special attention to safety in navigation, achieving customer satisfaction and garnering trust from the community by providing safe and beneficial services. 


4.Proactive environmental efforts

The “K” Line Group recognizes that global environmental efforts are a key issue for all of humanity and that they are essential both in business activities and existence of the company and therefore we are committed to a voluntary and proactive approach to such issues to protect and preserve the environment. 


5. Protection, proper management and disclosure of information and communication with society 

The “K” Line Group will protect personal and customer data, properly manage corporate information through timely and appropriate disclosure, widely promoting bi-directional communication with society including shareholders. 


6. Contribution to society

The “K” Line Group as a Good Corporate Citizen will make ongoing efforts to contribute to social development and improvement and support employees’ voluntary participation in such activities. 


7. Harmony in the international society
The “K” Line Group will contribute to the development of international society in pursuance of its business pertaining to international logistics and related businesses, respecting each country’s culture and customs. 


8. No relations with anti-social forces 
The “K” Line Group will resolutely confront any anti-social force or organization which may threaten social order and public safety and never have any relationship with them.



The management of each “K” Line Group Company recognizes that it is its role to realize the spirit of the Charter and takes the lead in an exemplary manner to implement the Charter while setting up effective mechanics throughout the company. The management also seeks cooperation from its business counterparts. The management, from the view- point of risk management, sets up an internal system to prevent incidents in breach of this Charter and should such an event occur, the management of respective “K” Line Group member companies will demonstrate decisiveness to resolve the problem, conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause and take preventative measures.
Additionally, such management will expeditiously and accurately release information and fulfill its accountability to society.


Adopted December, 2006 
Revised August, 2012

The “K” LINE Group monitors the compliance status of its Charter of Conduct within the Group on a regular basis, and reviews the contents of the Charter as necessary to ensure that it keeps up with the times.
Group companies have their own guidelines conforming to their respective country’s regulatory mandates, business fields, and area characteristics. There are necessary but not fundamental differences in wording between the Charter of the Group and those of individual Group companies.