“K” LINE Group’s Materiality

Building a Management Structure that Emphasizes Social Responsibility

Priority Themes

Material Issues

Related SDG_{S}

Corporate governance


Establishment of a management structure that responds to the demands of society

Stakeholder engagement

Expedition of dialogue with stakeholders



Managing the Impact of Business Activities

Priority Themes

Material Issues

Related SDG_{S}

Human rights

Preventing discrimination
Respecting basic labor rights
Preventing forced labor and child labor

Labor practices

Preventing over-long working hours
Promoting diverse work styles
Improving occupational health and safety


Preventing corruption
Preventing anti-competitive behavior

Safety in navigation and cargo operations

Preventing major accidents

Environmental preservation

Reinforcing environmental management
Environment-friendly business activities

Risk management

BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) to response to large-scale disasters
Enhanced response capabilities for major accidents
Crisis and risk management system



Creating New Values

Priority Themes

Material Issues

Related SDG_{S}

Human resource development

Improving corporate culture
Developing global leaders
Promoting diversity


New value proposals through reduction of environmental burden and improvement of service quality

Community involvement and development

Assisting recovery / reconstruction from natural disasters

Promotion of social contribution activities utilizing corporate resources

Employment creation and skills development

Support for education and employment creation



Process to Identify Materiality

Specifying Themes Related to “K” LINE Group’s Business Activities

Through dialogues with stakeholders, both internal and external, and referring to frameworks such as OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO26000, GRI Guidelines, etc., the “K” LINE Group has specified environmental and social themes that the Group may affect or contribute to through its business activities.

Selecting “Material Issues”

Out of those themes specified in STEP 1, the “K” LINE Group has selected 10 themes that should be prioritized in terms of “significance of economic, environmental, and social impacts” and “effects on stakeholders’ evaluation and decision-making”, added 2 themes that are essential for establishment of management structure to settle those themes, and placed all of them as “material issues” that should be addressed extensively.

Formulating CSR Action Plans

For the material issues selected in STEP 2, the “K” LINE Group has set medium- and long-term goals, and in order to reach them step by step, it is formulating Annual CSR Action Plans.

Matching with SDGs

The “K” LINE Group has matched its CSR Action Plans outlined in Step 3 with the 17 SDGs adopted by the United Nations in 2015, then tied together goals that have similar aims.


The “K” LINE Group reviews the progress of CSR Action Plans on a semi-annual basis, and plans are modified and reset as necessary. At the end of every fiscal year, the attainments and the achievements of Annual CSR Action Plans are evaluated, then the Group formulates annual plans for new fiscal year, taking the level of achievements towards medium- and long-term goals as well as changes in society surrounding its business into consideration.