Sustainabiliry Promotion System

“K” LINE established Sustainability Management Promotion Committee (chaired by the President & CEO), Sustainability Sub-Committee, and Environmental Sub-Committee, deliberating and formulating Sustainability Promotion activity policies and system for the entire Group, and supervising Sub-Committee's activities. In addition, we have a CSR promotion network to spearhead groupwide Sustainability Promotion initiatives.

Sustainability Management Promotion Committee


This body deliberates and formulates "K" LINE sustainability management promotion system or policy, and supervises Sub-Committee's activity.

Sustainability Sub-Committee

This body accelerates the promotion of sustainability management, discusses direction that contributes to increasing corporate value, and formulates the measurement to disseminate information both internally and externally. Meantime, it monitors the entire group's sustainability promotion initiatives, periodically reports its progress to the Upper-Committee of Sustainability Management Promotion Committee, and proposes timely and valid suggestions, aiming to activate and enrich of entire group's sustainability promotion.


Environmental Sub-Committee

This body is responsible for the functional operation of the Environmental Management System formulated in line with the “K” LINE Group’s Environmental Policy. It also promotes other environmental activities.

CSR Promotion Network

This is a network of CSR managers assigned to Group companies in Japan and overseas.