CSR Promotion System

The “K” LINE Group’s CSR & Environmental Committee (chaired by the President & CEO) formulates CSR activity policies for the entire Group and also takes responsibility for managing the Environmental Management System, formulated in line with the “K” LINE Group’s Environmental Policy.The committee has two sub-committees which are CSR Sub-Committee and Environmental Sub-Committee. In addition, we have a CSR promotion network to spearhead groupwide CSR initiatives.

CSR & Environmental Committee

This body deliberates and makes decisions about measures for the Group’s overall CSR activities and measures formulated by sub-committees.

CSR Sub-Committee

This body considers and drafts proposals about non-environmental matters within the CSR promotional activity plan. It also monitors the actual status of overall Group CSR activities and reports its findings regularly to the CSR & Environmental Committee. Through timely and effective proposals, meanwhile, it works to energize and enhance the Group’s CSR activities.

Environmental Sub-Committee

This body is responsible for the functional operation of the Environmental Management System formulated in line with the “K” LINE Group’s Environmental Policy. It also promotes other environmental activities.

CSR Promotion Network

This is a network of CSR managers assigned to Group companies in Japan and overseas.