As of April 1, 2024

The following groups are located at the Tokyo Head Office.
Internal Audit Group / General Affairs Group / Legal Group / Corporate Legal Risk & Compliance Group / Human Resources Group / Corporate Sustainability, Environment Management, IR and Communication Group / Digitalization Strategy Group / Corporate Planning Group / Finance Group / Accounting Group / Taxation Group / Logistics, Port and Affiliated Business Group / Containerships Business Group / Drybulk Planning Group / Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Business Group / Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Planning & Operation Group / Bulk Carrier Group / Car Carrier Planning & Development Group / Car Carrier Business Group / Car Carrier Quality and Operations Group / Electricity and Offshore Business Group / LNG Group / Carbon Solution Business Group / Tanker Group / Fuel Strategy & Procurement Group / Safety and Quality Management Group / Maritime Strategy Group / "K" Line Training Center / Advanced Technology Group / GHG Reduction Strategy Group and Ship Technical Group.
The Kobe General Affairs Group is located at the Registerd Head Office in Kobe.
Branches include the Nagoya Branch, Kansai Branch, and the Overseas Representative Office.