Looking Toward                  the Next 100 Years

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2019.

We took our first steps as a shipping business of 11 vessels in 1919, growing into our current integrated logistics company based in marine transport with over 500 vessels. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders and customers for their support, without which we would never have been able to ride out the stormy seas and reach our 100th anniversary.


Our enterprising spirit to blaze a trail ahead of the pack and the teamwork that is the driving force of that spirit are strengths we have developed over our 100 year history. By taking every possible customer need into account and utilizing our strengths to fulfill those needs, we have provided new value, such as Japan’s first dedicated car carriers and liquified natural gas carriers as well as a coal carrier optimized for Japanese ports.


Amid these changing times, we will continue to provide even higher value. The environment that surrounds us is altering rapidly, particularly in terms of the astonishing evolution of AI and other information and communications technologies. We will utilize the latest in information and communications technologies based on knowledge cultivated over many years and a multitude of transport information data to further strengthen transport safety as well as reach an even higher level of service quality and convenience, responding to the changing business environment through action taken with a sense of urgency.


This year is the final year of our medium-term management plan, “Revival for Greater Strides”, so we will focus on further strengthening its three vital initiatives, “rebuilding portfolio strategy”, “advancement of management and function-specific strategies” and “ESG measures”. Within rebuilding portfolio strategy, we have been creating spin-offs of the containership business we have operated until now in addition to pursuing endeavors such as introducing external capital and knowledge to domestic port transportation business and strengthening cost competitiveness through structural reform. Moving forward, we will focus and reallocate management resources within the four pillars of dry bulk vessel, energy resource transport, car carrier and logistics businesses in order to further improve corporate value by strengthening stable earnings base.


Shipping is infrastructure that is essential to the lives and economic activities of people across the globe. As an integrated logistics company group based in marine transport, we have made it our corporate principal to contribute to society so that people live well and prosperously. In the 100 years to come, we will continue to make safe transport the foundation of our business activities as we strive to preserve the environment and contribute to sustainable development worldwide.


On behalf of the “K” LINE Group, I respectfully request your continued understanding and support.


April 2019