For Sustained Growth and Enhancement of Corporate Value             

The spread of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all industries and companies worldwide, and the marine transport industry is no exception. 80% of the world’s logistics, and over 99% of Japan’s trade volume is handled by marine transport, carrying a range of goods essential for people’s lives and industry spanning from energy resources and raw materials to products and consumer goods. We have a renewed awareness of the important role of marine transport in continuing to work as a lifeline supporting people’s lives by ensuring the flow of goods is not interrupted even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“K” Line has been devoting all of its energies to engage in fulfilling its social mission as logistics infrastructure without stopping ships in order to realize the management philosophy of contributing to society so that people live well and prosperously as a member supporting the core of global logistics. The provision of safe, high-quality transportation while reducing the impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, the business environment is also undergoing significant changes such as the shift in energy toward being carbon neutral, the development of renewable energy and the transformation of the automotive industry through CASE exemplified by the implementation of electric vehicles.


Such changes in the business environment surrounding marine transport and the heightened awareness of safety, quality and the environment present both risks and opportunities. We will flexibly respond to and prepare for the uncertain future and engage in the five measures of “refining our four-pillar business,” “venturing into new business areas,” “accelerating business development abroad, particularly in Asia,” “achieving further competitiveness in containership business” and “continuing to expand a stronger financial base” without fearing the challenges presented by change. In addition to realizing these, we will further strengthen sustainable management and continue to enhance corporate value with the aim of being the best partner for all stakeholders.


Based on our mission of responding to change, giving consideration to the environment and continuing to support stable logistics infrastructure, all officers and employees of the “K” Line Group will work as one in an effort to achieve sustained growth and enhance corporate value, and we ask for your ongoing support and understanding.


June 2021