In shipping business, which serves as key logistics infrastructure supporting worldwide economic activity, the “K” LINE Group earns the trust of customers through the provision of safe, reliable transportation and logistics services.

As an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business, our corporate principle is to help enrich the lives of people. Under this principle, we will make further improvements to “K” LINE Value, which represents our unique value as a group.

Corporate Principle and Vision of the “K” LINE Group

Corporate Principle

As an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business,

the “K” LINE Group contributes to society so that people live well and prosperously.

We always recognize this principle in our operations.



Our aim is to become an important infrastructure for global society,
and to be the best partner with customers by providing the high-quality logistics
services based on customer first policy.


Values the “K” LINE Group prizes


● Providing reliable and excellent services..... Contributing to society
● A fair way of business..... Fostering trust from society
● Relentless efforts to achieve innovation..... Generating new values
● Respecting humanity..... Corporate culture that respects individuality and diversity