Medium-term Management Plan (Released on May 9th, 2022)

We have formulated and announced a new medium-term management plan on May 9th, 2022. In our new management plan, we have formulated a growth strategy with challenges in business areas around a low-carbon/decarbonized society as business opportunities, and we will manage resources based on the portfolio strategy for three businesses that will drive growth. As a shareholder of OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS PTE. LTD. in containership business, which is an important business division of our group, we will further strengthen support for its sustainable growth and development,. Moreover, we will aim for an optimal capital structure and promote cash allocation based on balanced growth investment and shareholder returns. Through these initiatives, we aim to be a company that continues to be selected by all stakeholders, while reducing the environmental footprint and continuously enhancing corporate value toward realization of a sustainable society. 

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<Summary of New Mid-term Management Plan>

  • After improvement of financial strength drastically, ”K”LINE arrived at a new phase
  • Improving corporate value through the growth by contributing low-carbon/decarbonization focusing on shipping business
  • Expecting  ordinary income 140.0 billion yen in FY26 and Investment scale for 5 years will be 520.0 billion yen
  • Improving profitability both in “K”LINE own businesses and Containership Business
  • Management resources will be allocated to 3 businesses that drive growth based on portfolio strategy
  • Containership is an important business segment for the “K” LINE Group and providing support and advice as a shareholder
  • To be thorough valuation for each business, capital discipline, financial discipline and discipline of investment with awareness of capital costs
  • Building the optimal capital structure and allocating cash focusing on growth investment and shareholder’s return
  • 600yen/share for Year-end dividend in FY2021. The shareholder’s return in FY2022 is planning more than 100.0 billion yen as additional shareholder’s return plus 300yen/share.
  • Assuming a total of 400.0-500.0 billion yen in shareholder returns by FY26 and considering Additional dividends/Share Buy-back expeditiously

・Please see Financial Report for the status and progress of Medium-term Management Plan.

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