As of June 23, 2021


Title Name 
Representative Director Yukikazu Myochin
Representative Director Atsuo Asano
Representative Director Yukio Toriyama
Representative Director Kazuhiko Harigai
Director Yasunari Sonobe

Makoto Arai

Outside Director Keiji Yamada
Outside Director Ryuhei Uchida
Outside Director Kozue Shiga
Outside Director Tsuyoshi Kameoka

Audit & Supervisory Board Members



Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Kunihiko Arai

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Yutaka Akutagawa

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Atsumi Harasawa

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Shinsuke Kubo

Executive Officers

Title  Name  Responsibilities 
President & CEO  Yukikazu Myochin  
Vice President
Executive Officer
Atsuo Asano

Assistant to President & CEO, Responsible for Dry Bulk Carriers Unit,
Marine Sector, Advanced Technology, Ship Technical, GHG Reduction Strategy and Environmental Affairs Unit

Senior Managing Executive Officer Yukio Toriyama  Responsible for CFO Unit (Corporate Planning, Research, Corporate Sustainability, IR and Communication, Finance, Accounting, Taxation ),CFO(Chief Financial Officer)
Senior Managing Executive Officer Kazuhiko Harigai

Responsible for Energy Transportation Business Unit

Senior Managing Executive Officer  Yasunari Sonobe  Responsible for Product Logistics Business Unit (Car Carriers, Logistics,  Port and Affiliated Business)
Senior Managing Executive Officer  Kiyotaka Aya  Supervising Marine Sector, CSO(Chief Safety Officer)
Managing Executive Officer  Yutaka Nakagawa   Managing Director of K LINE (THAILAND) LTD.
Managing Executive Officer Daisuke Arai 

Responsible for Containerships Business Unit, Information System,AI/Digitalization Strategy Unit, CIO(Chief Information officer),Supervising Ship Technical, GHG Reduction Strategy, Environmental Affairs, In charge of Advanced Technology

Managing Executive Officer  Makoto Arai  Responsible for Legal, Corporate Legal Risk & Compliance Unit, Assistance to Internal Audit, CCO(Chief Compliance Officer)
Managing Executive Officer  Shingo Kogure  Responsible for General Affairs, Human Resources Unit
Managing Executive Officer  Takenori Igarashi In charge of Car Carrier Business, Car Carrier Planning & Development, Car Carrier Quality and Operations
Managing Executive Officer Noriaki Yamaga

In charge of Corporate Planning, Research, Corporate Sustainability, IR and Communication

Managing Executive Officer Keiji Kubo

In charge of Logistics, Port and Affiliated Business

Executive Officer Toyohisa Nakano In charge of  Ship Technical, GHG Reduction Strategy,and Environmental Affairs, General Manager of Ship Technical Group
Executive Officer Yuji Asano In charge of Finance, Accounting, Taxation
Executive Officer

Takahiko Tsurukawa

In charge of Bulk Carrier Business, Drybulk Planning
Executive Officer Michitomo Iwashita In charge of Electricity and Offshore Business
Executive Officer Satoshi Kanamori

In charge of LNG, Carbon-Neutral Promotion, General Manager of Carbon-Neutral Promotion Group

Executive Officer Masatoshi Taguchi

In charge of Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Business, Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Planning & Operation, General Manager of Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Business Group

Executive Officer

Akihiro Fujimaru

In charge of Marine Sector

Executive Officer Hisashi Nakayama

In charge of Tankers, Fuel Strategy & Procurement