Establish the LNG fuel
supply business
— Business start scheduled for 2020 —

We will establish a business to provide a stable supply of LNG for ship fuel. LNG has strong potential as an alternative to heavy oil, and is an attractive fuel source with the increasingly stringent international regulations on ship emissions.

Participate in HySTRA for
a hydrogen society


"K" LINE is participating in the “CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association (HySTRA).” The group is developing and demonstrating technologies needed to create an efficient supply chain for the production, transport, storage and use for CO2-free hydrogen produced using brown coal. The group is aiming for the supply chain to support commercialization by around 2030.

Support construction of
offshore wind power
generation facilities

The offshore wind energy market in Japan is expected to grow in the future, and we will contribute to developing demand by offering ships for towing and other offshore operations.