ICS2 (Import Control System 2) Release 3 goes live June 3rd, 2024.

Prepare your business for sending goods to or via the EU by sea and inland waterways


The third release of the European Union’s customs pre-arrival safety and security system – Import Control System 2 (ICS2) – goes live on 3 June 2024. ICS2 is an IT system that collects data on all goods entering the EU prior to their arrival in order to conduct risk assessment. If you’re involved in handling, shipping, or transporting goods (including express and postal consignments) to or through the EU, Northern Ireland, Norway, or Switzerland by sea and inland waterways, you need to be aware of the new ICS2 requirements and take the necessary steps to comply with them. These requirements also concern e-commerce businesses.



(Image source: European Commission website, March 2024)   

Impact on our customers / Impact on economic operators


In order to comply with the EU regulation customers and economic operators in general, will be required to supply additional and in some ways more detailed information. Commonly these are part of the shipping instructions.


Some of the information/details are:


  • Buyer / Seller information

  • Detailed address of involved parties 

  • EORI number of the consignee registered in the EU

  • Complete and comprehensive description of goods

  • Harmonized System Code (HS Code - 6 Digit)


The new process around ICS2 will allow multiple filing. This means ENS (Entry Summmary Declaration) data can be provided by different parties (i.e. Carrier / Forwarder / Consignee / etc). 


What will happen if EO (Economic Operators) are not ready in time?


  • Consignments and freight could be stopped at the EU Customs Borders

  • The goods in questions will not be cleared by the customs authorities

  • Inadequate declarations (i.e. due to a result of poor data quality) could either be rejected or subject to intervention, with possible sanctions imposed for non-compliance