“K” LINE Group’s distinctive strengths are its High engineering skills, Excellent shipping services, Global network and Human resource diversity. Deploying these strengths, we provide top-quality logistics services to build a customer base bound by strong relationships of trust across multiple industries.

1. High engineering skills

With a corporate culture based on an enterprising spirit and free and open-mind, we have embraced next-generation technologies as an industry pioneer to develop and operate Japan’s first pure car carrier and Japan’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier. In 2016, we completed DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY, a next-generation eco-friendly flagship representing the top of shipbuilding technologies. We remain at the forefront of the world in environmental protection.


In addition to SOx scrubbers, DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY is equipped with solar power generation panels, exhaust gas heat recovery system, and other features that reduce CO_{2} emissions by 25%. It also has an exhaust gas recirculation system that cuts emission of NO_{X} (a cause of acid rain, like SO_{X}) by 80%. Thanks to its excellent environmental features, DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY was awarded with “Ship of the Year 2016.”



2. Excellent shipping services

“K” LINE group complies with strict safety standards as stipulated by laws and regulations and aims for a world’s top-level safe operational system with an ongoing “avoiding serious accident” commitment. In addition, all of owned vessels are subject to high quality ship management by in-house ship management companies that specialize in specific ship types. Moreover, all of ship captains, chief engineering officers, supervisors of management companies, and marine technical personnel have learnt and acquired advanced maritime technologies, ensuring a high level of work quality that earns the confidence of customers.


The “K” LINE Group has created the following organizational scheme in its quest to build a world’s top-level safety management system.  The “K” LINE Group makes decisions related to the basic policy concerning safety, including measures to prevent accidents involving vessels operated by “K” LINE, and other various measures under the Ship Safety Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the president. Under this arrangement, the Group maintains safety management systems through onshore service support and vessel visits.

Safety Management System (Organizational Chart)




3. Global network

As a comprehensive logistics group based on a world’s-leading shipping company, we have more than 300 companies in Japan and overseas. We are closely connected to our specific nation and regions in Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere, constitute a global network that provides one-stop logistics services—including warehousing, land transportation, and forwarding—under a system of close worldwide cooperation.


The “K” LINE Group has companies all over the world and employs a large number of international staffs. To enhance communications, we hold collective staff training sessions in which employees from all over the world come together to participate. The training sessions are held at our three offices in the United Kingdom, United States, and Japan. We are united in supporting of our global business development.



4. Human resource diversity

In order to provide the high-quality logistics services based on customer-first policy, the “K” LINE Group strives to develop human resources, which is the driving force of this goal. Through job rotation and enhanced training programs, we are trying to help individuals develop high level of knowledge and morals as professionals as well as foster an organizational culture that enables diversity among individuals in order to fully exert their abilities and individuality. In addition, as a work style reform, we are introducing a new system to cope with the diversity of lifestyles and establish a working style that aims to increase productivity.

Using our maritime technical know-how, which has been cultivated and accumulated over many years in our group from experience in meeting each situation’s needs, as the foundation of the scheme to develop maritime technical personnel, the “K” Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) has a system in place that reliably educates and teaches know-how to the next generation. This system includes onshore training programs at our training facilities in five global locations in Japan, Philippines, India, Eastern Europe and Central Europe, onboard training programs and career paths including both onshore and offshore work. In addition, we are boldly challenging the needs of the new era such as advanced technologies, and making every effort to develop maritime technical personnel who are able to be competitively involved in all global operations.


The “K” LINE Group employs seafarers from various nations, including Japan, Philippines, China, India, and Bulgaria. Among them, people from the Philippines account for more than half of seafarers employed by the Group. For this reason, we established KLMA (Philippines) to function as our core training facility in that nation. In February 2018, we expanded KLMA in order to further strengthen and enhance seafarer education.