Basic Principle

The “K” LINE Group takes a firm stand in the first part of its Charter of Conduct that it will consistently respect human rights and well consider personality, individuality and diversity of its corporate members and improve work safety and conditions to offer them comfort and affluence.



Work-Life Balance

Initiatives to Reform Workstyles

With the aim of maximizing labor productivity by strengthening the capabilities of individuals, we are reviewing our workstyle practices at the individual level. Specifically, we hold monthly seminars for all employees. Each seminar has different theme, such as “emails,” “conference and meeting facilitation,” and “Danshari (minimalism or decluttering).” 

Systems for Comfortable and Fulfilling Working Experiences

Our Actions for Enabling Work-Life Balance

We have been very successful in establishing an excellent relationship with our labor union, and we are jointly seeking any opportunity to realize better working environment and measures that enable “Work-Life Balance.”
Naming a few includes remote working system, implementation of infertility treatment leave, maternity leave and child care leave. Other than child care leave, we have also implemented child care leave exclusively for fathers which enables fathers to take consecutive leaves up to 10 working days to participate in their child cares. In addition, we have also established various systems such as shorter working hours and flex-time systems to promote our employees’ work-life balance.
As a result of our various actions, we have been certified as a Childcare Support Company under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children in Japan, with a certification called "Kurumin 2020" (for the actions from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019). We received the same certification in 2016 for the actions from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016.

Occupational Health and Safety

Management System

We strive to continuously improve health and safety at the office and employees’ mental & physical health. The Company has established a Health Enhancement Committee, chaired by an Executive Officer in charge of Human Resources (Overall Health Controller), which functions as health committee required by Industrial Safety and Health Law.

【Health Enhancement Committee】

The committee convenes once a month,studies and deliberates employees’ health maintenance and improvement, including office environment, health and safety, training, prevention of infectious diseases. After each meeting, the minutes are uploaded on the company’s internal website for the employees’ information.

Safety and Health Considerations

Physical examination

We require employees to receive a physical examination once a year and we assist with the cost for those who wish for a second examination. Thus we proactively support our employees’ health management. We have a medical clinic at the head office that provides medical examinations and employees can visit a doctor when they are not feeling well. In addition, we have a health keeper who provides massages to help them recover from fatigue and relieve.

Mental health

In order to assist with mental health issues, we have adopted a stress check program on the Internet with which employees can manage their own mental health and improve their stress tolerance. In addition, we hold seminars on mental health every year for executives and employees at the Tokyo head office. Furthermore, we have prepared various support systems such as consultation for mental health by a medical specialist and the EPA (Employee Assistance Program) system as an external counselor to care for employees’ physical and mental conditions.

Prevention of overworking

We stress prevention of overworking and provide an opportunity for explanation about relevance of health and overworking to managerial posts. Diligent duty of managerial posts is especially being continuously enlightened.

Health support for overseas assignees

We support the taking of a medical examination and vaccinations for employees who are transferring overseas, including their family, and after being posted overseas, they can also receive support from emergency medical assistance companies that cooperate with us.

Initiatives to Address Global Health Issues

Formulating a Pandemic Influenza Response Operation Plan

Our company is a designated public institution specified in the Act on Special Measures for Preparedness and Response against Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases (Act No.31 of 2012). The Act requests designated public institutions to take appropriate measures to prevent disruption to the operation of the business, and to continue the business even in an event of pandemic influenza outbreak to minimize its effect on the people’s living and national economy.
The Act also requests designated public institutions to formulate a pandemic influenza preparedness and response operation plan for their business, to report the plan to the Prime Minister of Japan, and to publish the outline of the plan.
In accordance with this provision of the Act our company has formulated a “Pandemic Influenza Response Operation Plan”. The outline is shown below.

Health Management

Health Declaration

As a globally trusted, integrated logistics company that evolved from the shipping business, our corporate principle is to help enrich the lives of people, and we conduct our business activities accordingly. Crucial to realizing this principle is “providing reliable and excellent services,” which calls for us to constantly maintain the physical and mental health of individuals involved in our business, and help them fully demonstrate their potential abilities. We believe that health is the source of individual happiness and is indispensable for realizing the Group’s principle. Positioning the health of each and every Group employee as paramount, we will work hard to maintain and enhance the health of employees in cooperation with health insurance associations, labor unions, and clinics (occupational health physicians).


【Priority health-related initiatives】

1. Initiatives to entrench health management

1. Health checks for all employees
2. Encouraging stress-check consultations
3. Mental health seminars for all employees


2. Initiatives to support better health

1. Limiting overtime work
2. Healthy lunches at Company cafeteria
3. Regular seminars on dietary improvement (in 2019, 185 employees participated in 5 seminars)
4. Exercise-oriented events to prevent lifestyle diseases


As a result of the above initiatives, we have been recognized as a "2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization" under the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program designed and promoted by the Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) , jointly with the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, to honor companies that practice good health management.