Basic Principle MPT

In order to provide reliable and excellent transportation services, which is the core of the “K” LINE Group’s business management, it is important to secure maritime technical personnel, and also to foster them properly. To attract diverse human resources, we dispatch our maritime technical personnel to various maritime universities and schools to participate in lectures and round-table discussions. By also welcoming interns from various schools we endeavor to spark broad interest in becoming maritime technical personnel. In addition, we take people from non-maritime universities and train them in-house to become maritime technical personnel.

Our maritime technical personnel do much more than work as captains, navigators, chief engineers, or engineers on ships. They make full use of their high-level skills, knowledge, and experience gained through the work onboard for variety of activities that are indispensable to providing reliable and excellent services on shore. To enable maritime technical personnel to demonstrate their full potential we not only provide numerous technical training courses but also conduct stratified training. This training leads our company and our maritime technical personnel to fulfill their potential with common objectives in mind.



Fostering Maritime Technical Personnel

KLMA(“K” Line Maritime Academy)

The “K” Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) is a generic term for our educational philosophies including educational policies for fostering personnel indispensable to implementing the Group’s basic commitment to “the safety navigation and the protection of human lives, cargoes, and the natural environment at sea,” Such personnel are ship’s crew (Officer and rating) and Seafarers (“K” Line seafarers) with knowledge and skills enabling them to excel at shore duties (ship management, crew management/training, and sales division support).

Here, we foster maritime technical personnel according to our KLMA Master Plan and transfer the knowledge on the Group’s maritime technical expertise, amassed over many years, to the next generation. All Group companies are united to foster exceptional seafarers.







Acquisition of Latest Knowledge and Technology

As part of training for Navigational officers, we introduced the latest ship handling simulator at the Machida Training Center of KLMA (Japan) in 2015 and incorporated training that includes responding to simulated accident scenarios. We also conduct training for Engineers at KLMA (Philippines) using actual Main Engine.
Seafarers are required to use equipment accurately and safely as soon as they board the vessel. For this reason, they obtain knowledge and skills related to new technologies through these training sessions prior to boarding.

KLMA (Japan) Machida Training Center<br/>Training using ship handling simulator
KLMA (Japan) Machida Training Center
Training using ship handling simulator
KLMA (Philippines)<br/>Training using actual Main Engine
KLMA (Philippines)
Training using actual Main Engine