CSR Message

CSR for the “K” LINE Group

Eizo Murakami<br/>President and CEO
Eizo Murakami
President and CEO

As an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business, the “K” LINE Group conducts business activities aiming at safe and assured delivery of various cargos ranging from individual items such as industrial products and parts to bulk cargos such as iron ore and crude oil, while paying due consideration to the environment. We take part in the global logistics infrastructure that binds the world together through transport of goods, and the role we are expected to play is to steadily provide transport services as a logistics infrastructure for a long period of time, with minimizing the environmental burden and operational cost. I believe our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to live up to such expectations in good faith through dialogue with various stakeholders including customers.

Providing reliable and excellent services

Providing reliable and excellent transport services is the very fundamental of our Group’s business activities. “K” LINE’s unique standards on ensuring the safety of vessels and environmental protection are reflected onto specifications of our vessels at the planning stage, and when it comes to operation, we thoroughly maintain safety in navigation and cargo operation through various measures including sharing information of past accidents, incidents and near misses with in-house vessel management companies and owners of chartered ships, as well as periodic inspection of vessels. Additionally, we established training facilities for the Group’s maritime technical and operational personnel not only in Japan but also in other countries such as Philippines and India, so that they can learn a wide range of expertise in safe operation techniques and improvement of operation efficiency that have been accumulated in our Group over the years. Through those initiatives, “K” LINE endeavors to develop maritime technical personnel that support its global operating system.

Respecting humanity – Corporate culture that respects individuality and diversity

Since our service is operated worldwide, we have to develop talented employees who can analyze various markets and plan and develop services wanted by the market and those that can manage the cooperation and collaboration among various organizations. “K” LINE is strengthening its human resource development activities in fostering persons who have internationally competitive expertise and broader perspectives as well as emergency response skills and problem-solving capabilities.
The “K” LINE Group’s strength is its workplace atmosphere, where various people with different specialties, different experiences and different ways of thinking gather and discuss freely and frankly. We place importance on our culture to respect individual capabilities and personalities, lively exchange various ideas, and to challenge for change.

“Securing Blue Seas for Tomorrow” ~ “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050 ~

Associated with the population growth and expansion of economic activities centering on the emerging countries, environmental issues such as the drain of resources, environmental pollution and global warming have become increasingly salient. In order to contribute to the creation of sustainable society that can hand the beautiful blue earth over to the next generations, our Group established its long-term guidelines on environmental conservation towards year 2050, ““K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050: Securing Blue Seas for Tomorrow”. To protect the global environment, we will gather all our strengths to promote measures for addressing the four material issues that were identified based on the outlook of future society in 2050 and the characteristics of our company’s businesses.

・For the purpose of preventing the marine pollution and protection of the ecosystem, maintaining zero serious accidents.
・To address the issue of energy resource shortage, replacing the greater part of energy consumed in our business activities with alternative energy sources (e.g., LNG, hydrogen, fuel cells, renewable energy).
・Reducing CO_{2} emissions, considered as a cause of global warming, by half compared to 2011 level.
・Minimizing the emissions of air pollutants including SO_{X} and NO_{X} that are generated from the Group’s business activities to near zero.

Closing remark

We will work on the sustainable corporate growth and creation of new values by proving ourselves worthy of the trust and expectation of stakeholders with placing high importance on the dialogues and cooperation with stakeholders and setting the compliance as the utmost priority in the basis of our business.


Eizo Murakami
President and CEO

【Health Declaration】

“K” LINE’s corporate principle is to help enrich the lives of people as a globally trusted, integrated logistics company that grown from the shipping business, and we conduct our business activities accordingly. Crucial to realizing this principle is “providing reliable and excellent services,” which calls for us to constantly maintain the physical and mental health of individuals involved in our business, and help them fully demonstrate their potential abilities. We believe that health is the source of individual happiness and is indispensable for realizing the Group’s principle. Positioning the health of each and every Group employee as paramount, we will work hard to maintain and enhance the health of employees in cooperation with health insurance associations, labor unions, and clinics (occupational health physicians).


Please refer to “Health Management” for information about our priority initiatives related to health.