Sustainability Message

Yukikazu Myochin<br/>President and CEO
Yukikazu Myochin
President and CEO

Our corporate principle is to contribute to society as an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business so that people live well and prosperously. The “K” LINE Group transports various cargo ranging from bulk cargo such as iron ore and crude oil to industrial products, including cars. We recognize that it is our invariable social mission, since our inauguration, to deliver cargo to wherever they are needed surely and safely, while paying due consideration to the environment, so as to contribute to sustainable development of society (sustainability).


Recently, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to work on issues of environment/social/governance (ESG), and there is growing social demand for companies to contribute to provide solutions to global issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were adopted by UN in 2015. In these situations, we believe our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to live up to such expectations in good faith through engagement with various stakeholders surrounding the “K” LINE Group.


This Sustainability site introduces initiatives of the “K” LINE Group toward ESG sustainability. We would be glad if it can help our stakeholders better understand our initiatives.


The “K” LINE Group will work on sustainable corporate growth and the creation of new values through proactive initiatives toward the material issues such as safety in navigation and cargo operations, environmental preservation and human resource development. We would appreciate your kind and continued support.


Yukikazu Myochin

President & CEO