“K” LINE Group’s Logistics Solution

International Sea Transportation, International Air Transportation

The “K” LINE Group runs a global Air and Sea Freight Forwarding business with more than 170 operation bases in Japan and overseas. This business is spearheaded by “K” Line Logistics, Ltd. (KLL) and Air Tiger Express Companies, Inc. (ATE). With an integrated Land–Sea–Air Transportation system, we deploy our network, which covers the entire world, to provide Door-to-Door International Transportation services, including Customs Clearance, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Land Transportation

The “K” LINE Group’s Land Transportation services center mainly on Japan and elsewhere in Asia. K Line (Thailand) Ltd. spearheads this business in Thailand, providing a wide range of services that include Container Transportation, Completely Built-Up Car Transportation, and Parts Milk Runs (cyclical cargo pickups). Meanwhile, PT. “K” Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia, under the umbrella of PT. “K” Line Indonesia, holds the top share of the Automobile Transportation market in Indonesia.


The “K” LINE Group provides Warehousing, Distribution Processing, and Delivery services through a network of around 120 bases, centering on Japan, elsewhere in Asia, and the United States. Bangkok Cold Storage Service, Ltd. (in Thailand) and CLK Cold Storage Company Limited (in Vietnam) operate cold storage facilities—mainly food-related storage and transportation—and are expanding their Cold Chain business with an emphasis on Asia.

Automobile Logistics Services

Car carrier services linking automobile manufacturing countries with consuming nations, we develop logistics sophisticated services for completely built-up cars in the districts near harbors and other locations close to factories and dealers. We also offer comprehensive, high-value-added services that include carrier car transportation, temporary storage of vehicles and pre-delivery vehicle maintenance.

Domestic Land and Sea Intermodal Transportation

Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. operates Ferries, RORO Cargo Ships, and other Coastal Ships. Together with Hokkai Transportation Co., Ltd., Daito Corporation, and Seagate Corporation, it provides Land and Sea Intermodal Transportation services in Japan. Addressing the modal shift, the Group is working to reduce transportation costs, lead times, and cargo damages while also helping lower environmental impacts.