Awareness of the external environment

“K” Line DX(Digital Transformation) strategy

We are focusing on improving the DX infrastructure and refining our core values using digital technology.

We challenge to create new value through digital technologies and refined competitiveness.

Digital x safety

Improve both the system (hardware) that supports the safety in operation and the marine engineer skill (soft) that uses digital technology.

Pursuing next-generation safe operation mechanisms in the digital age by fusing hardware and software.

Digital x decarbonization (Environment)

In the short term, enhance environment-friendly ship operations by expanding its operational data analysis platform and deepening data analysis.

In the medium to long term, promote visualization of all CO2 emissions as the basis GHG reduction strategy

Digital x quality

Aiming to improve Service Quality and strengthen proposal capabilities to customers by optimizing the entire supply chain

Promote the creation of new value by utilizing data and the improvement of cargo handling quality by developing and utilizing communication infrastructure

Promotion system, human resource development

Promotion system

Improving DX infrastructure through advances in company-wide BPR

Established a cross-departmental working group on safety, environment, and quality initiative

Establish an agile system DX promotion department and the business department to create new value


Human resource development -Aiming for DX participation of all employees, dividing human resources into three levels

Leadership in promoting DX projects and is also bright in IT / cyber security technology trends.

Analytics human who can use data efficiently, and become the core of DX utilization at each department

Improvement of IT and digital literacy so that digital technology can be actively applied to improve business processes

IT infrastructure/cyber security

Become a leading cyber security company to expand digital infrastructure and support DX promotion environment

Establish an organization that can respond appropriately to cyber incidents by strengthening security governance globally

Foster a security-first culture through security education and awareness activities in addition to technical measures

Securing specialized human resources related to cyber security such as information security support personnel