July 27, 2023
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) is pleased to announce that its Thailand-based Group company Bangkok Cold Storage Service Ltd. (BCS) will commence, on August 1, the operation of a new warehouse in the Bang Na district of Bangkok.


 The new warehouse is situated in a prime location 30 km from Bangkok’s city center, the largest consumption area in Thailand, and it fulfills its functions as a storage and shipping base for foods, drugs and commodities that require freezing or refrigeration. By employing the latest version of ASRS (Automated storage and retrieval system*¹,) as a new storage facility in the freezing storage, storage, acceptance and delivery tasks are automated. Also, by employing mobile racks in chilled and constant temperature storage, it has increased the speed of loading and unloading operations. The warehouse also includes two processing rooms, where food processing is possible, to meet the diverse needs of customers. BCS has obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and HACCP & GHP certification at its existing warehouses and plans to obtain these same international standard certifications for the new warehouse within days.


 “K” LINE has been promoting carbon reduction and the decarbonization of the company and society and has designed and constructed this new warehouse based on an ultra energy saving concept. The building is covered with double heat-insulating panels. The freezing system employs an energy-saving secondary loop method, which uses natural refrigerants (ammonia and CO2), and only CO2 circulates in the storage area. Furthermore, a 600 Kwh solar panel is installed on the roof, aiming to reduce power consumption during the day approximately 60% compared with conventional refrigerating warehouses.


[Overview of the New Warehouse]
Name: Bangkok Cold Storage Service Ltd. No.3 COLD STORAGE
Service Launch Date: August 1, 2023
Main Business Activities:    Freezing/refrigerated cargo storage, distribution processing, food processing, packaging, domestic refrigerated delivery, etc.
Total Floor Area:7,000 m2
Storage warehouse temperature:    Freezing -25°C
Chilled 0 - 15°C
Constant temperature +25°C

[Exterior View of the New Warehouse]

[Interior View of the New Warehouse]


Mobile racks

 “K” LINE has been operating regular warehouses and freezing and refrigerating warehouses with close ties to the community in Thailand for over three decades. We have provided logistics services by situating each warehouse in a prime location, such as on the outskirts of Bangkok, within an industrial zone with a high concentration of Japanese companies, at Suvarnabhumi Airport and near Laem Chabang, one of Thailand’s major ports.


 In addition, its group company K Line Container Service (Thailand) Ltd. (KCST) commenced the operation of general warehouses on the same premises on April 1 of this year.


 In its management plan, “K” LINE has positioned the logistics business as a major business contributing to stable revenue. Going forward, “K” LINE will continue to provide high-quality logistics services and solutions to meet increasingly diverse customer needs and growing demand, with a focus on Southeast Asia, which will continue to show remarkable economic growth.

[Overview of Warehouses in Thailand]

BCS Freezing and Refrigerating Warehouses



Land Area

Total Floor Area (m2)

Warehouse No. 1

Outskirts of Bangkok (Bang Na district)



Warehouse No. 2

Outskirts of Bangkok (Bang Na district)



Warehouse No. 3
(new warehouse to commence operations in August 2023)

Outskirts of Bangkok (Bang Na district)



Freezing and Refrigerating Warehouse Total




KCST General Dry Warehouse



Land Area

Total Floor Area (m2)

Warehouse No. 1

Outskirts of Bangkok (Bang Na district)



Warehouse No. 3

Amata City, inside Chonburi Industrial Estate



Warehouse No. 4
(attached to a 6,000 TEU container depot)

Laem Chabang area



Warehouse No. 5
(commenced operations in April 2023)

Outskirts of Bangkok (Bang Na district)



Regular Warehouse Total




Reference Link: Medium-term Management Plan (Released on May 9, 2022)


*¹  ASRS (Automated storage and retrieval system):
It refers to a search system that automates tasks for storage (shelving), separation and retrieval (picking). 


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