March 24, 2023
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) held a global IT conference, aimed at driving its digital transformation (DX) strategy and strengthening security, at its head office in early March.


Approximately 40 IT/DX experts from major business locations in “K” LINE’s global network in 16 countries and regions gathered for the conference. With the president, CIO, people from the Digitalization Strategy Group, and representatives from “K” Line Business Systems Co., Ltd., the participants held lively discussions and workshops themed on DX projects in each country based on the DX strategy, including a robust IT infrastructure that permits more than 5,400 employees of the “K” LINE Group to work with peace of mind, as well as advanced security measures that reassure customers with their reliability.


Many of the participants noted that sharing the achievements from DX projects will help improve customer services at each location and that reinforcing the IT infrastructure is essential not only internally but also for participating in the marine transportation and logistics ecosystem. They reaffirmed that it is support for enhancing “K” LINE’s core values of safety, environmental conservation, and quality in the IT/DX field that leads to higher corporate value. They also reconfirmed that the head office and business locations in the global network would cooperate even more strongly to further accelerate the improvement of the IT/DX environment in each country or region.


“K” LINE is driving digitalization as a functional strategy for achieving its business strategy under the Medium-term Management Plan announced in May 2022. The company will continue to bolster its corporate value and solve social issues in the IT/DX field as well, aiming to be a group of marine transportation professionals that reassure stakeholders with their reliability.


DX Strategy of “K” LINE announced in December 2022


[A scene from the conference]