October 30, 2018
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) has gained 1st prize in section eight, in the field of transportation business by WWF Japan (Note1) among 31 Japanese companies including land and air transport. Above all, on disclosure of information we received 48.6 out of 50, close to full mark. (Note 2)


In our Medium-term Management Plan, we define ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) initiatives as a key management issue. With respect for the environment, we are pursuing measures in line with “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050 - Securing Blue Seas for Tomorrow (Note 3) that is our long-term environmental vision formulated in 2015. 


As an environmental front runner, we will continue to aim for the realization of being a business that enables a greater number of people around the world to enjoy the advantage of marine transportation characterized by a lower environmental load and higher efficiency.  

(Note 1) WWF is one of the independent conservation organizations, with a global network active in more than 100 countries including WWF Japan. As part of its climate and energy efforts, WWF co-founded the SBT Initiative to promote science-based target setting in line with the level of decarbonization required by the Paris Agreement, for which we have already been approved by the SBTi. 

(Note 2) Please refer to this link of WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature Japan.
https://www.wwf.or.jp/activities/activity/3747.html  (in Japanese)    

(Note 3) Please refer to this link for “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050