Q1. Regarding estimates for this year, the amount of downward revision for net income attributable to owners of parent is greater than that for ordinary income. Please let me know the background factors, if any, such as increased extraordinary losses.

A1. Extraordinary losses did not increase specifically because of the planned containership business integration of three Japanese carriers. The main reasons include the sale of some assets planned for this year having been postponed to next year onward.


Q2. Please tell me about the progress of “THE Alliance”.

A2. Progress has been slowed mainly due to the business failure of Hanjin Shipping, but we anticipate that an outline of the services of “THE Alliance” for Fiscal 2017 will be announced in the very near future. As a network in the core service routes linking west and east, “THE Alliance” will provide services that are equally comparable with those provided by other alliances.


Q3. Other companies are announcing impairment losses. Is your company considering implementing additional structural reform or other measures?

A3. We are currently giving consideration to additional measures to counter the stagnant market conditions in our business, including the Containership Business, through consultation with our accountant. We plan to announce the results once measures are established in detail.