Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Transport Patterns

Crude oil and petroleum product transport patterns include an unlimited number of combinations linking production sites with refining sites. For example, crude oil is transported mainly from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions to the rest of the world with an emphasis on the Far East. Product tankers transport naphtha used as petrochemical feed from the Middle East to Japan and other regions of Asia, and transport light oil and jet fuel from the Far East and Asia to Europe and the United States.

Service Routes(LRⅡ)




Transport Examples

Example 1: Marine transportation of crude oil from the Middle East to Japan (VLCC)
Example 2: Marine transportation of propane gas, produced in the Middle East and the United States, to Japan (LPG tanker)
Example 3: Marine transportation of crude oil, produced in Asia and Australia, to Japan and Singapore (AFRAMAX)
Example 4: Marine transportation of naphtha, produced in the Middle East, to Japan and Korea (petroleum product tanker)