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LNG Carriers

"K" Line provides transport services for LNG, which is used for electricity generation and city gas and also attracting attention for its environmental friendliness. In response to global market developments, our business is conducted worldwide.

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Service Profile

LNG Carrier Business Model

"K" Line is not merely an owner of LNG carriers, but provides high quality ship management service to customers.In response to diversified customer needs, "K" Line, on top of a traditional business model (long-term contract), provides shorter/mid-term charter business.

LNG chain

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Commitment to Safety in our Operations

Since "K" Line entered LNG transport business in 1983, becoming the first Japanese owner/operator of the LNG carrier "Bishu Maru", we have demonstrated a commitment to safety in our operations and have earned the reputation as a highly reliable carrier.

Global Business Development

Based on primary LNG transport projects involving Japanese customers since the early 1980's, "K" Line has expanded its activities throughout the world. Utilizing our networks in Tokyo, Europe, the US and the Middle East, "K" Line will further step up and strengthen its services by responding to the increasing global LNG shipping demands.


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