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"K" Line provides stable and reliable containership services on routes that cover countries around the world, responding promptly to changes in the trade environment and strengthening their international competitiveness.

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Service Profile

"K" Line's Core Business

Our containership services are used to transport a diverse range of products that are closely related to people's lives from general consumer goods to parts and raw materials. Containership services are offered worldwide through the four hubs of Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, which we position as a core "K" Line business. We have established world-class alliances with shipping companies in  Japan, Germany and Taiwan and operate main East-West routes between Asia and North America, Asia and Europe, and Europe and North America. In addition, we also offer the intra-Asian routes covering the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, and the South-North route linking South America, Australia and Africa with Asia and other regions.
"K" Line is a global ocean carrier that boasts a fleet of approximately 70 ships as of  March 2017 and is systematically upgrading its fleet.

High-Quality Services Aim to Raise Customer Satisfaction

"K" Line's containership transport services are distinguished by high-frequency and stable schedules and high-quality service. By focusing all of our energies on meeting diverse customer needs, we have established a solid reputation among leading companies around the world, several of whom have named us Carrier of the Year. "K" Line services are also characterized by its own infrastructure, including the operation of container terminals—the link between marine and ground-based transportation—in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and two-level, special-purpose trains known as double-stack trains in North America.

GENOA BRIDGE ITS On-Shore Power Supply
Safety in Navigation and Consideration for the Environment

The most important mission of a transportation carrier is to deliver the freight entrusted to it by its customers to the destination safely and in the same condition it was received. In addition to transporting general container freight, we provide technical support to customers for transporting hazardous materials and over-sized items that cannot be stowed in containers to ensure integrated and safe marine and onshore transport. We also strive to protect the global environment by taking measures such as fuel-efficient cruising to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by ships and using onshore power when ships are docked at our terminal in Long Beach, California to eliminate fuel consumption by our ships.

“THE Alliance”

“K” Line has created a new partnership “THE Alliance” with Hapag-Lloyd, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha and Yang Ming. This new alliance is covering all East-West trade lanes, namely, Asia-Europe/ Mediterranean, Asia-North America West Coast, Asia-North America East Coast, Transatlantic and Asia-Middle East / Persian Gulf / Red Sea, and “THE Alliance” began operation in April 2017. The new partnership will build one of the leading networks in the containership industry, operating advanced and competitive fleets. The unique product will feature enhanced port coverage in Asia, North America, Europe including the Mediterranean as well as Middle East, and the network of “THE Alliance” will ensure frequent sailings, high reliability, and very attractive transit times for all shippers/clients.

Deployment of Fleet Utilizing State-of-the-Art Containerships

Five 14,000TEU newly-built ULCVs (Ultra Large Container Vessels) were launched from Spring 2015.  These new mega-size containerships with all the latest sophisticated features replaced current medium-size containerships, aiming for service efficiency, as well as offering greatest economy and cost competitiveness in the shipping market.Furthermore, an additional five are to be launched in 2018, making our mega size container fleet a total of 10 vessels, in order to stabilize our long-term profit making structure.

1st 14,000TEU type vessel “M/V Millau Bridge”


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