June 20, 2012

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


Cristal e-College Receives Approval from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and 
Tourism Japan under new Certification Program


Cristal e-College(hereafter called CeC) which is in cooperation with “K” Line Group for the education of seafarers received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan (hereafter called MLIT) under new certification program for seafarers, that is the same as Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA).


 Overview of Cristal e-College

Under this certification program, it is possible for the graduates from an approved college located in a country where the Japanese government recognized Certificate of Competencyto work on Japanese flagged vessels as Officers without taking designated examination.
MLIT examined CeC’s curriculum regarding the courses for operating vessels and engines to confirm that the college is providing adequate education in mid - March 2012 before the approval. This new certification program will be applied from


1st batch of “K” Line class who graduated from the college in April 2012.

1st batch of “K” Line class who graduated from the college in April 2012


“K” Line will strive for further improvement in safe and high-quality transportation by strengthening education of seafarers.


Cristal e-College (CeC) :
Merchant Marine College, located on Bohol Island in middle of the Philippines, opened in 2008. 
“K” Line gives examinations to recruit high-achieving students. The students take lectures at the college for 3 years and onboard training for one year. The students are provided with “K” Line’s own curriculum in addition to the college curriculum, and onboard training on vessels managed by in-house ship management companies in accordance with “K” Line’s own Cadet Training Program, “K” Line’s aim being to develop them into efficient senior officers. 1st batch of “K” Line class graduated from the college in April 2012.


2 Certificate of Competency:
The license issued to Officers in accordance with international regulations to work onboard.