October 21, 2014

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


CKYHE Alliance Files Agreement and Reports to Related Regulators for Expansion of Cooperation Scope to U.S. Trades



The CKYHE Alliance (COSCO, “K” LINE, Yang Ming, Hanjin Shipping, and Evergreen Line) has announced that today they will expand their cooperation scope to U.S. Trades and CKYHE files an Agreement and reports to related regulators to comply with their regulations.


Regarding the expansion of the cooperation, CKYHE already submitted a formal letter to Ministry of Transport (MOT) of PRC, filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) a Filing Agreement to cover U.S. trades, and informed the EU Commission of developments.


In U.S. trades, CKYHE will follow the same pattern of cooperation that the alliance members have successfully used in the Asia/Europe, Mediterranean trades during the past year. This expanded cooperation will provide the carriers with greater operational flexibility and will permit each of them to better serve its customers, offering wider port coverage, increased frequency of sailings and stable transit times.


CKYHE acknowledges its environmental obligations, and their cooperation will be benefits to the environment. Each line is committed to environment-friendly shipping; a quality known to be highly valued by their customers.


After the regulators approve, the parties will discuss and agree their cooperation with a target implementation date of the spring 2015.  
The CKYHE carriers wish to thank their customers for their support and look forward to continuing to serve them.