May 13, 2024
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) is pleased to announce that a training program for “K” LINE seafarers on gas-fueled ships has been certified by the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority as a training course that meets the International Code of Safety for Ships using gas or other low-flashpoint fuels (IGF Code)*1 The program is called IGF Advanced Training Course and was introduced at “K” LINE's training center in Philippines, the “K” Line Maritime Academy Philippines ("KLMA (Phil)")*2.


 The IGF code stipulates training requirements based on the STCW Convention*3 to familiarize seafarers with fire and explosion hazards onboard ships that use LNG fuel and other fuels with low flash points. The requirements consist of basic and advanced training.


 This training, which uses a new, cutting-edge LNG bunkering simulator with 3-D models, has recently been recognized by the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority as a sophisticated training course for seafarers managing low-flash point fuels and fuel systems.


 LNG-fueled vessels have increased in number globally, and until recently, the CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN, an LNG-fueled car carrier with a maximum capacity of 50 seafarers, has been used as a training ship to familiarize Group employees. This training course was introduced due to the further launch of LNG-fueled vessels into “K” LINE's fleet.


 “K” LINE will continue to develop excellent seafarers with adequate knowledge and skills to support safety in navigation and cargo operations, enabling the provision of higher-quality maritime transportation.


*1    International Code of Safety for Ships using gas or other low-flashpoint fuels (IGF code)
International safety regulations for ships using gas or other low-flashpoint fuels, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 


*2    “K” Line Maritime Academy Philippines
One of the Group's maritime training centers, located in Japan, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Bulgaria 


*3    STCW Convention
An international convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers


(LNG Bunkering Simulator)
(LNG Bunkering Simulator)
(Certificate of Course Approval)
(Certificate of Course Approval)

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One issue in increasing the number of LNG-fueled vessels is the need for the captain and all engineers, including the chief engineer, to acquire IGF qualifications. The requirements for IGF certification include on-board training on an LNG-fueled vessels, and the CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN was designed with a maximum crew of 50 - one of the largest crew capacities in the world - and with training specifications to provide on-board training opportunities to a large number of crew.