May 8, 2024
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has posted to its official website a video that explains progress in the implementation of the medium-term management plan and the financial results for fiscal 2023. The video is also posted on “K” Line With, a video communication site for “K” LINE Group’s employees.

 In line with the announcement of the financial results, the beginning of this video explains the financial performance for FY2023 and the forecast for FY2024 as well as the raised earnings targets for FY2026, which is the final year of the mid-term management plan, and the new earnings targets for fiscal year 2030.


 Furthermore, as one of the important themes of the mid-term management plan, this video explains “K” LINE’s growth strategy that leverage environmental measures based on its long-term management vision. It presents a coherent story of how “K” LINE plans to evolve towards the raised earnings targets for FY2026 and the new earnings targets for FY2030, as disclosed in its latest financial report.


 The video details “K” LINE’s efforts to gain a competitive advantage by strategically responding to environmental needs relating to vessel operation as a part of promoting low-carbon/zero carbon emissions for our company. Along with promoting low-carbon/zero carbon emissions for society, it highlights that the demand for the transport of transition energy is expected to grow. Accordingly, new business opportunities will arise to meet this demand and to supporting energy mix conversion.


 We will strengthen our partnerships with customers who can share growth opportunities with us by promoting low-carbon/zero-carbon emissions for our company and society. “K” LINE intend to promote business management with an awareness of capital costs, the company as a whole, achieve sustainable growth, and enhance our corporate value.


 “K” LINE has posted the video on its official website in addition to “K” Line With to make outside stakeholders more aware of the Company’s activities. “K” LINE also aims to deepen understanding of the medium-term management plan among business sites on land and sea within the Group, globally promote internal communication and information sharing, encourage a sense of solidarity as a source of the Group’s strength, and reinforce the foundation of its business operations.


(A news release related to “K” Line With)
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