January 14, 2021
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

 "Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions”, jointly developed by ”K” LINE and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, obtained the first certification of “Innovation Endorsement” (*1) for Products & Solutions which ClassNK newly launched certification program for innovative technology.


 Since the system released 2016, it has been installed on about 140 vessels including chartered vessels. We are utilizing variety of applications with operation data that automatically sent to shore from vessels for detection of abnormalities with live data monitoring, performance analysis to maintain and manage fuel efficiency, and optimum navigation support to maintain safe and economical routing.


  ClassNK verified system configuration and functions from many perspectives, "Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” was authenticated as innovative solution utilizing digital technology.


 We have been accumulated many kinds of ship’s operation data from 2001 when developed electric ABLOG system (*2). We will continue to promote innovative activities such as engine plant fault diagnosis with our big ship’s data and the latest digital technology.


 Through these efforts, “K” LINE will continue to improve our safe and environment-friendly operation on all our fleets. 

(*1) “Innovation Endorsement” is a certification service by third party for innovative technology which ClassNK launched in July 2020. It is to certify the worth and possibility of advanced technology with digital transformation to stakeholders, to achieve issues like safety improvement or environmental conservation, and continuously development.


(*2) Abbreviation of the Abstract log which is important record of voyage to know situation of vessel navigation. It includes navigation data such as vessel position, distance for next port, average speed, weather condition, and bunker consumption, etc.


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