May 22, 2015

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


Conduct Emergency Response Drill



An emergency response drill was performed on the May 22nd 2015 to ensure preparedness of optimum response towards any major maritime accidents that resulted in large-scale oil spill.


The scenario of the drill evolved as “K” Line VLCC “YAMATOGAWA” collided with a Container Ship in Singapore Strait when she was heading towards Fujairah. The accident resulted in oil spill through the damage part of port side fuel oil tank of “YAMATOGAWA” and spilled oil reached Singapore islands.


Professionals from other related firms of law, insurance, consulting, and the Ship Management Company actively cooperated and participated in the exercise.


At the end of the drill, a mock press conference was held as a part of the complete drill proceedings. “K” Line's President Murakami, Senior Managing Executive Officer Kadono, Managing Executive Officer Misaki together with Ship Management Company's (KLSM) President Saito were attended in the Q&A session of press briefing. Many questions were raised to them by the attended dignitaries and staffs that made the event more realistic and momentous.


We do prepare for unexpected situation by “Large-scale accident response”. Moreover, we do work on awareness building activities like “Winter Safety Campaign” and visiting vessel by executive officers for nurturing safety culture in “K” Line group.