February 8, 2013

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


Shipping Industry Provides Funding to UNDP Job Creation Initiative in Somalia



This collaboration between many in the shipping industry and UNDP is the first step in an initiative, launched in February 2012, designed to make a contribution to the rebuilding of a stable Somalia and thus reduce the risk of piracy to seafarers in the Indian Ocean. 


The UNDP has been selected as a collaborator because of its existing footprint in coastal and city centres in Somalia and the alignment of the objectives of the shipping industry partners with those of the UNDP’s “Alternative Livelihoods to Piracy in Puntland and Central Regions” project.


The UNDP will focus on supporting long-term youth employment with the aim of providing viable employment alternatives to piracy for Somalia’s youth in the agriculture, livestock and fishing industries.  For example, this funding will support the creation of a business development centre for local entrepreneurs.  The funding will also help the UNDP to build up local youth facilities to encourage community collaboration and mutual support.  Our hope is that this initiative led by the shipping industry will facilitate establishing the foundation for a future generation in Somalia that has choices and no longer supports or condones piracy.


The shipping industry initiative intend to make available additional funding of US$1.5 million to support other capacity building projects in Somalia and this will be the subject of a further announcement.