June 8, 2020 
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 “K”Line Group Environmental Awards 2020 Ceremony held on June 5, 2020.
 The awards were established to honor and give recognition to outstanding environmental-preservation-contributive activities undertaken by both executives and employees working throughout the “K”Line Group according to the direction developed in “K”Line Environmental Vision 2050. This year marks the 6th awards since establishment of the awards in 2015, and we also have accepted many entries from our group companies both in Japan and overseas. Activities of seven companies — one “Grand Award” and six  “Excellence Award” —  have been selected from such standpoints as “originality,” “challenge level,” “degree of contribution,” “continuity” and “potential for pervasiveness”, and have received the awards from our President and CEO, Yukikazu Myochin. 


 The “K”Line Group will continue to share environmental preservation activities being addressed within our Group companies broadly in order that we can further advance dissemination and enlightenment of environmental preservation activities as an entire Group effort by the presentation of these “K”Line Group Environmental Awards. Through this emphasis on continuing aggressively to contribute to environmental preservation and biodiversity protection, we should successfully accomplish our mission, i.e., “Passing on a sustainable society and this blue and beautiful ocean to the next generation” expressed in “K”Line Environmental Vision 2050.


Awardees of the “K”Line Group Environmental Awards are as follows:


(Grand Award) 
Support activities for landing work of floating debris, driftwood by a heavy rain in western Japan recovered by a marine environment maintenance ship in Hiroshima Bay (Seagate Corporation) 

 Regarding the floating marine debris that had been leaked to Hiroshima Bay due to the heavy rain disaster in Western Japan that occurred in July 2018 and endangered the daily operation of ships, as well as polluting sea, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Chugoku Regional Development Bureau carried out the recovery work using a marine environment maintenance ship, “Ondo 2000”, owned by Chugoku Regional Development Bureau. 
 In 2019, Seagate Corporation mobilized its own 60-ton crane truck and technical staff to engage in the landing work of these collected waste.
 In FY2019, the company carried out the joint work five times during intervals between the unloading work of steel products from domestic ships as their normal business, and cooperated in the disposal of 100 tons of marine floating waste in total.


(Excellence Award) 

  • Reducing the number of tugs usage by improvement of gantry crane parking method at Oi Terminal No. 2
    (Daito Corporation)
  • Marine environment conservation activities through community-based beach cleaning
    (”K”Line Chile Ltda)
  • Create awareness in the office on environmentally friendly practices
    (”K”Line Pte Ltd)
  • Switch to eco bags from disposable black plastic trash bags in warehouse
    (”K”Line Container Service Thailand, Ltd.)
  • Food Redistribution
    (Century Distribution Systems, Inc.(Hong Kong)
  • Business process improvement action to improve the overall level of accident eradication, environmental conservation and operational efficiency
    (Nitto Total Logistics Ltd)


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Web presentation by Grand award (Seagate Cooperation)


Grand Award Winner (Seagate Cooperation / on the screen)