April 14, 2023
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) announced that it has participated in a consortium to study the offloading of liquefied CO2 from shipboard CO2 capturing systems, which was convened by the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD) *¹, an NPO established to promote the decarbonization of the maritime industry.


 Technologies for the shipboard capture of CO2 emitted from ships and for liquefying, storing, and transporting it constitute one of the medium- to long-term measures for decarbonizing marine transportation. More than 20 companies and organizations are participating in the joint study, which will be implemented during a period of approximately nine months from April 2023 for purposes such as establishing safety in offloading liquefied CO2 and rules in operation, with the ultimate objective of putting in place a CO2 capture, use, and storage (CCUS) value chain in the future.


 “K” LINE will contribute to building the value chain by capitalizing on its knowledge of various types of liquefied CO2 transportation that it has operated in Japan and other countries, including a demonstration test of shipboard CO2 capture. Thus, “K” LINE will remain fully committed to its own decarbonization and to supporting the decarbonization of society, aiming to develop a sustainable society and improve its corporate value in accordance with the “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050  *².


(Note 1)    Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD)
                GCMD is an NPO that was set up in August 2021 mainly by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). It promotes the decarbonization and energy conversion of the maritime industry through demonstration projects, among other means.
                GCMD - Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation | Singapore (gcformd.org)


(Note 2)    “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050:


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