April 27, 2021
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


 ”K” LINE is pleased to announce that we establish new recycling scheme for used lashing materials, that create and support working opportunity for the challenged people.


 Lashing materials are used to tightly secure cars on deck of PCC(Pure Car Carrier) to keep stability while transportation on sea. It is necessary to replace deteriorated lashing materials with new ones on regular basis. We used to treat them as industrial waste, however, with cooperation from Global Technos, Ltd in Yokohama (Note 1) and Daito Corporation (Note 2), recycling process of these materials from Port of Yokohama was newly established since 2016 to reduce environmental burden. All those recycle steps such as disassembling and recycling are consolidated in Kanagawa Pref to minimize running distance by truck to reduce CO2 emission.


 In April, we decided to request “Dekkaisora”, non profit organization/self-reliance support facility for the challenged people in Yokohama (Note 3), to participate in disassembling process on this recycling flow at “Seiten”, continuous employment support TYPE B (Note 4) work place, which create employment opportunity for challenged people.


 We are considering next step to reuse these lashing materials after damaged belt replaced, moreover, we are planning to invite staff working at “Seiten” to visit our PCC for onboard tour to see how their work actually connect to our business.


 “K” LINE group set recycling promotion in our environmental policy and keep continuous effort to make recycling society.

(Note 1)Global Technos, Ltd : http://www.global-technos.jp/top.html
(Note 2) Daito Corporation :  https://www.daitocorp.co.jp/
(Note 3) Dekkaisora, non profit organization : http://www.dekkaisora.jp/
(Note 4) Continuous employment support TYPE B : Welfare service to offer work place with support for people under 65 years having difficulty in employment at general company. There is no working agreement and no limit for working period.