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Management Policy and Medium-term Management Plan

  Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) is pleased to introduce “K” Line Group’s new management policy and medium-term management plan: ”『Revival for Greater Strides』 -”K” Value for our Next Century- “ which runs for three years from April 2017 toward our 100th anniversary in 2019 in response to the big business environment change in marine transportation industry and aiming the rebuilding of management base to allowing us to grow consistently.

Management Policy

◇ Corporate Principles and Vision

  We added one sentence to confirm our approach to customers and society in our corporate vision.

◇ Important management theme

  We recognize following three as our group’s theme to respond business environment change.

    • Maximize our strengths to ensure competitiveness
    • Transform business portfolio to reduce influence from market volatility
    • Achieve growth by technological and business model innovation

Medium-term management plan: ”『Revival for Greater Strides』-”K” Value for our Next Century -

◇ We will rebuild the base of business to realize our Vision for three years from April 2017 toward our 100th anniversary in
   2019 through following three initiative.

    • Rebuilding portfolio strategy
    • Advanced management and strategy
    • ESG Measures

◇ KPI Targets

  Long-term target (Mid-2020s):

    • Achieve ROA(ordinary income) of 6% and ROE of double digits
    • Shareholders equity ¥ 400 billion (Verify benefits from containership business integration, plan to reset)
    • Return to stable dividend policy

  Medium-term management plan (FY2017-FY2019):

    • Return to profit in three years from FY2017
    • Achieve 6% ROA(ordinary income)in stable-income business, and expand business scale
    • Raising the equity ratio to 20+%
    • Prioritize to stabilize our business base and financial position, but aiming to resume paying dividend soon


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