Basic Principle

Further cultivating the open and innovative corporate culture, in which both the organization and individuals keep improving

Since the business activities of the “K” LINE Group are conducted around the world, it is imperative for the Group to develop human resources with the expertise and broad perspectives essential for a global competitive environment as well as strong management and problem-solving skills. A free and open corporate climate in which employees respect each other’s capabilities and individuality and allow diverse values is also essential in order for those employees to acquire the capacity to continue growing and contributing to strengthen organizational competencies. Accordingly, the “K” LINE Group regards human resources development as one of the material issues in its CSR, and is pursuing a range of approaches for this purpose.

Global initiatives of the “K” LINE Group

  • Nurturing individuals who have professional knowledge and high management skills as well as integrity
  • Maintaining the corporate culture that appreciates mutual respect, freedom, and vigor; the traits enable each employee to use his/her ability proactively and allow the organization to overcome difficulties and grow continuously
  • Creating the environment where employees share what the company should be in the future and keep nurturing new abilities
  • Establishing efficient business procedures that bring maximum results with minimum effort; accordingly, employees can enjoy both work and life

Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Stratified Training Programs

“K” LINE offers stratified training programs for each level of employees to learn way of thinking and skills necessary as fundamentals for business persons playing important roles in the global business fields. Especially, employees entered as new graduates must take the programs every year from the first year to the fifth.

Training Programs for Middle Managers

“K” LINE offers training programs for newly appointed middle managers to learn skills and knowledge necessary for the management. In addition, the Company has been offering training programs about labor compliance, in which more than 90% of middle managers has participated so far.

Development of Onshore Workers

OJT and OFF-JT as key means of development

We evaluate our staff members fairly based on the extent to which they have achieved their personal goals. Evaluation results are fed back to each staff member to improve the transparency of evaluation process and to encourage his/her development.
We assist this development, primarily with two programs: on-the job training (OJT) for mastering knowledge, skills, and procedures on-site, and job-class-specific group training (OFF-JT). Other training programs we offer include in-house and overseas language training, training at our overseas subsidiaries, and assistance for employees taking correspondence courses for personal development. We also provide onboard training for our onshore workers; a program specifically tailored for shipping companies. This helps individual participants improve their skills by providing them with a variety of opportunities, including experiencing work performed by seafarers on ships at sea.

“K” Line University

Staff members of the “K” LINE Group from all over the world are invited to our training sessions called “K” Line University, which are held at one of our three bases - Tokyo, London, or Richmond (Virginia, USA). This training, held several times a year, deals with themes such as the “K” LINE Group's visions and its future business development. “K” Line University provides participants with a valuable opportunity to speak face to face with people they would normally only communicate with by phone or e-mail, and to deepen their shared understanding.