As an integrated logistics company grown from the shipping business, the “K” LINE Group’s corporate principle is to help enrich people’s lives. Under this principle, we believe our corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligations cover two large frameworks, namely “managing the impact of our business activities” and “creating new values.” The aim of our CSR activities is to “build a management structure that emphasizes social responsibility.” We will help create a sustainable society by addressing material issues within these frameworks and implementing measures to resolve them.

Building a Management Structure that Emphasizes Social Responsibility

The “K” LINE Group strives to achieve sustainable growth and improved corporate value by consistently implementing initiatives for the realization of its corporate principles and vision, and aims to build a management structure, mainly by further strengthening corporate governance, in order to fulfil its corporate social responsibility through initiatives to cope with material issues that have been identified through dialogues with its stakeholders.

Managing the Impact of Business Activities

One of the key aspects of the “K” LINE Group’s social responsibility as a globally operating corporate group is to be aware of the potential impacts of our business activities on local and global communities, and to promote business activities based on the above perception. The Group endeavors to provide services in consideration of environmental preservation and safety in navigation and cargo operations, to conduct fair business activities, and to give due consideration to human rights, health, and safety of the people concerned with the Group’s business.

Creating New Values

Another aspect of the “K” LINE Group’s social responsibility is to create new values in order to contribute to and grow with society. The Group aims to create new values and offer them to society by developing human resources who can succeed on the global stage through a corporate culture that allows free and open-minded discussions, by observing customer needs, and creating new technologies and ideas that contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden and the improvement of service quality.