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Terminal Operations

"K" Line operates container terminals in Japan, USA and Europe that serve as links between sea and land in container transportation business.
These terminals are designed to perform efficient operations with the use of hi-tech information systems and the latest in automated equipment.
"K" Line regularly upgrades all aspects of its systems to assure it is providing the very highest quality services to its esteemed customers.

Our Terminal

"K" Line Osaka Container Terminal

"K" LINE Osaka Container Terminal is situated at Nanko No. 8 Berth, having 350m long quay, total dimension of 63,031 square meters and 14m depth. It is equipped with an impressive array of updated facilities that include 2 large-sized gantry cranes, 6 Transtainers and 4 top lifters, etc. Therefore, it is felt that we are appropriately challenging efficient terminal management.

Address 2-97, Nanko Higashi 9-chome,
Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone 81-6-6612-6235
FAX 81-6-6612-5425
Operator Nitto Total Logistics Ltd.
Berth Nanko C8
Terminal Operator Nitto Total Logistics
Berth Length 350M
Depth 14M
Total Area 63,031 SQM
Storage Capacity 1,082TEU(Flat Space)
Office 2,699 SQM
Maintenance Shop 2,019 SQM
In Gate 3 Lane
Out Gate 2 Lane
Truck Scale 1 Unit (50KT)
Reefer Receptacle 132 Units
Gantry Crane 2 Units (Shared with Kamigumi Co., Ltd.)
Transtainer 6 Units
Tractor 10Units
Chassis 15 Units
Top Lifter 4 Units