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Terminal Operations

"K" Line operates container terminals in Japan, USA and Europe that serve as links between sea and land in container transportation business.
These terminals are designed to perform efficient operations with the use of hi-tech information systems and the latest in automated equipment.
"K" Line regularly upgrades all aspects of its systems to assure it is providing the very highest quality services to its esteemed customers.

Description of Cargo Handling Equipment

Gantry Crane

A large crane used for loading and unloading containers and other freight cargoes onto and off ships

Gantry crane
Transfer crane
Transfer crane

A gate-shaped, self-propelled crane used in container yards when a container is transferred to and trailers chassis for storage.

Top Lifter

A self-propelled equipment used for moving containers within a yard. Unlike a forklift, the top lifter uses hooks attached to the roof of container for lifting.

Top lifter


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