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We, "K" Line, are consolidating the know-how and broad experience of all members of the "K" Line Group and developing total logistics services not only ocean cargo freight but also air and marine forwarding, land transportation, warehousing and buyer's consolidation services (at the request of cargo owners, arranging to consolidate and ship cargoes from multiple owners


Air and ocean freight forwarding

"K" Line group is developing air and ocean freight forwarding by "K" Line Logistics, Ltd. (KLL) and other group companies.

Japan-based KLL has a strong marketing base with Japanese customers, particularly in the air and ocean forwarding segments, and is expanding its network in Asia in response to the shift by customers of production lines to Asia.


Warehousing business

"K" Line group is developing storage, distribution processing and delivery services based on about 120 warehouses including Japan, Asia and the United States.


Land transportation business

"K" Line group is developing land transportation business in Japan, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. In Thailand, K Line (Thailand) Ltd. plays a central role and has developed container transport service, finished vehicles transport service and auto parts milk runs (periodic collection and distribution). In Indonesia, PT. K Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia affiliates with PT. K Line (Indonesia) has developed finished vehicles transport and takes pride in the top share of the local market for finished vehicles transport service.


Buyers consolidation business

"K" Line group is developing buyers consolidation* service by Century Distribution Systems (CDS). US-based CDS is working to expand its customer base by anticipating customer needs and proposing new services using the "K" Line Group's Visibility Management System (VMS), a logistics management system. * Buyers consolidation : Consolidation-distribution system in which single buyer uses an agent to collect products from multiple local manufacturers that are co-mingled into containers for transport to destination, providing greater shipping efficiency and reduction in cost, lead time inventory and warehouse work.



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