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We, "K" Line, are consolidating the know-how and broad experience of all members of the "K" Line Group and developing total logistics services not only ocean cargo freight but also air and marine forwarding, land transportation, warehousing and buyer's consolidation services (at the request of cargo owners, arranging to consolidate and ship cargoes from multiple owners

Initiatives in Asia

"K" Line is actively developing its logistics services in Thailand, Indonesia and China—countries that are undergoing remarkable economic growth. We provide comprehensive logistics services with strong local ties to meet customer needs in various manufacturing industries including the automotive and electrical machinery industries. Below, we describe our business in these regions.

Looking first to Thailand, K Line (Thailand) Ltd., which was established in 1964, plays a central role in all aspects of the logistics services from land transport and warehousing to forwarding, customs clearance, facility installation and insurance. In the land transport segment, K Line (Thailand) has 60 carrier cars, 210 container trailers and 230 trucks that it uses to provide a wide range of services including container transport service, finished vehicles transport service and auto parts milk runs (periodic collection and distribution). In the warehouse segment, group company K Line Container Service (Thailand) Ltd. operates two warehouses—one in Bangkok (KCST No. 1; 10,500 m2) and one in Laem Chabang (KCST No. 2; 11,500 m2). In addition, the "K" Line Amata Nakorn Distribution Center (KADC; 21,200 m2) operates a warehouse in Amata Nakorn, while Bangkok Cold Storage Ltd. operates a refrigerated and freezer warehouse (BCS; 4,500 m2) in Bangkok and stores and transports foodstuffs and other goods.


A truck from Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd. (BME), an overland transportation company


The all-weather, elevated floor "K" Line Amata Nakorn Distribution Center

In Indonesia, PT. K Line (Indonesia), established in 1996, functions as the parent body for comprehensive logistics operations including onshore transport, warehousing, coastal shipping of automobiles, forwarding and customs clearance conducted by group companies. In the onshore transport sector, PT. K Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia (KMDI) owns 38 container trailers and 236 carrier cars and takes pride in having the top share of the local market for automobile transport services. The company also provides motorcycle transport services using a triple-decker vehicle that it developed in collaboration with a local manufacturer and for which it obtained the patent or is patent-pending in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, China and Thailand. The triple decker is an innovative service that offers more than 30% higher efficiency than the earlier double deckers, resulting in lower transport costs and carbon dioxide emissions. In the warehouse segment, PT. Karawang Taro Logistics Center Indonesia (K-Taro) operates its own warehouse in Jakarta (7,000 m2) and stores and manages diverse freight at favorable locations adjacent to the Jababeka I, II and III Industrial Parks. In the coastal shipping segment, PT Parani K Line Indonesia (PKLI) provides automobile transport service from Jakarta, where there are numerous automobile factories, to islands such as Kalimantan.

In India, K Line (India) Private Limited also provides motorcycle transport services using a triple-decker vehicle.


Container Depot in Indonesia


Triple Decker Motorcycle Carrier

Lastly, in China, a joint venture established in 2005 with Zhenhua Logistics Group, one of our partner companies, operates its own warehouse (12,000 m2) in a bonded logistics zone in Tianjin that is a highly foreign opening economic zone and an additional general warehouse (13,000 m2) outside the bonded logistics zone. At these sites, the company conducts international freight forwarding under the management of "K" Line (China) Ltd., which was established in 1995. In the bonded logistics zone, bonded warehouse and export-processing zone functions are used to handle mixed freight bound for Western destinations for multiple venders. Other freight demands are met at the general warehouse. In the international freight forwarding business, in addition to the Tianjin site, the Group also has branches in Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Dalian and other locations. Furthermore, in Shanghai Lingang Logistics Park near Shanghai Yanshan deep water port, a joint venture with Cargo Services, a major forwarder in Hong Kong, will start operating a two-story warehouse ( floor space : about 40,000m2 ) in 2013.

In Philippines, MD Distripark Manila that is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Daito Corporation that is “K” Line’s subsidiary company and its affiliated companies are also developing warehousing, land transportation and customs clearance.


A joint-venture bonded warehouse in Tianjin, China


A joint-venture warehouse in Shanghai Lingang Logistics Part (an architect’s conception)


A warehouse in Philippines (MD Distripark Manila)


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