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LNG Carriers

"K" Line provides transport services for LNG, which is used for electricity generation and city gas and also attracting attention for its environmental friendliness. In response to global market developments, our business is conducted worldwide.


Vessel Containment System Tank Capacity Year Built Builder Remarks
Echigo Maru Moss Spherical 125,814cbm 1983 M.H.I
Senshu Maru Moss Spherical 125,835cbm 1984 M.E.S
LNG Swift Moss Spherical 127,580cbm 1989 M.H.I
LNG Maleo Moss Spherical 127,697cbm 1989 M.E.S
LNG Flora Moss Spherical 127,705cbm 1993 K.H.I
AL Zubarah Moss Spherical 137,573cbm 1996 M.E.S
Al Khor Moss Spherical 137,354cbm 1996 M.H.I
Al Rayyan Moss Spherical 137,420cbm 1997 K.H.I Management
Al Wajbah Moss Spherical 137,309cbm 1997 M.H.I
Broog Moss Spherical 137,529cbm 1998 M.E.S
Al Wakrah Moss Spherical 137,568cbm 1998 K.H.I
Zekreet Moss Spherical 137,482cbm 1998 M.E.S Management
Doha Moss Spherical 137,262cbm 1999 M.H.I
Al Bidda Moss Spherical 137,339cbm 1999 K.H.I
Al Jasra Moss Spherical 137,227cbm 2000 M.H.I
LNG Jamal Moss Spherical 136,977cbm 2000 M.H.I
Dukhan Moss Spherical 137,457cbm 2004 M.E.S
Disha GTT No.96 138,097cbm 2004 D.S.M.E
Raahi GTT No.96 138,077cbm 2004 D.S.M.E
Fuwairit GTT M-Ⅲ 138,262cbm 2004 S.H.I
Lusail GTT M-Ⅲ 145,663cbm 2005 S.H.I
Al Thakhira GTT M-Ⅲ 145,702cbm 2005 S.H.I Management
Al Deebel GTT M-Ⅲ 145,709cbm 2005 S.H.I
Arctic Discoverer Moss Spherical 142,612cbm 2006 M.E.S Management
Arctic Voyager Moss Spherical 142,759cbm 2006 K.S.C Management
Celestine River Moss Spherical 147,608cbm 2007 K.S.C Management
Ejnan GTT M-Ⅲ 145,000cbm 2007 S.H.I
LNG Barka Moss Spherical 153,643cbm 2008 K.S.C
Grand Mereya Moss Spherical 147,587cbm 2008 M.E.S
Al Aamriya GTT No.96 210,168cbm 2008 D.S.M.E
Al Thumama GTT M-Ⅲ 216,235cbm 2008 H.H.I
Al Oraiq GTT No.96 210,198cbm 2008 D.S.M.E Management
Murwab GTT No.96 210,174cbm 2008 D.S.M.E
Al Sahla GTT M-Ⅲ 216,164cbm 2008 H.H.I
Fraiha GTT No.96 210,152cbm 2008 D.S.M.E
Umm Al Amad GTT No.96 210,157cbm 2008 D.S.M.E Management
Al Utouriya GTT M-Ⅲ 216,203cbm 2008 H.H.I
Tangguh Foja GTT M-Ⅲ 154,810cbm 2008 S.H.I Management
Tangguh Jaya GTT M-Ⅲ 154,967cbm 2008 S.H.I Management
Tangguh Palung GTT M-Ⅲ 154,971cbm 2009 S.H.I Management
Trinity Arrow GTT M-Ⅲ 154,982cbm 2008 I.S.C Management
Trinity Glory GTT M-Ⅲ 154,999cbm 2008 I.S.C Management
Aseem GTT M-Ⅲ 154,999cbm 2009 S.H.I
Newbuilding Moss Spherical 164,700cbm 2015 K.H.I Management
Newbuilding Moss Spherical 155,300cbm 2016 M.H.I Management
Newbuilding Moss Spherical 182,000cbm 2016 K.H.I Management
Newbuilding GTT M-Ⅲ 173,000cbm 2016 H.H.I
Newbuilding Moss Spherical 164,700cbm 2016 K.H.I Management

K.H.I. = Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
M.H.I. = Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
M.E.S. = Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
S.H.I. = Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
D.S.M.E. = Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
K.S.C. = Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
I.S.C. = Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
H.H.I.=Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ltd.


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