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Heavy Lifters

On June 30, 2011 we acquired all shares of our affiliate, SAL Group of Germany, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. Through the SAL Group, we transport mainly large-scale cargoes related to energy and infrastructure development.

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Service Profile

Safe Transport Supported by SAL Group Personnel

Advanced technology is required for the safe transport and handling of cargo of various shapes and sizes. This requires not only high-performance vessels, but also personnel who have mastered specialized, exacting techniques in cargo handling.
Each day at the SAL head office, top-flight crew members and engineering technicians engage in cooperative research into effective and safe, cargo stowage methods at sea and on land. In addition, for crew education and training, SAL established a manning company in the Philippines for SAL's exclusive use and also conducts training for SAL crew members at the "K" Line Group's crew member training facilities (the "K" Line Maritime Academy). SAL will continue to develop personnel who have mastered advanced techniques in the safe handling of cargo.

Computerized planning of the cargo loading and
unloading work essential to safe cargo transport

Cargo Handling Operation

Cargo Handling Operation

The SAL Group's Global Network

The SAL Group is a specialty heavy lift services company established in 1980 in Germany. SAL owns a fleet of 16 vessels equipped with cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 600 to 2,000 tons to meet demand for the transport of wide-ranging cargo and handles its own marketing, ship operation and ship management. The company also meets the highest environmental standards: for instance, it was the first shipping company offering heavy facilities transport services to obtain health, safety and environment (HSE) qualifications (OHASAS 18001*1 and ISO 14001*2). SAL has business sites in 12 locations around the world and aims to engage in business development utilizing selling capabilities underpinned by SAL's advanced maritime technical capabilities and knowledge and "K" Line's global network.

The SAL group's global network can be found on the following site:

  • *1 OHASAS 18001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems based on British Standards 8800 that can be used for third-party audits.
  • *2 ISO 14001 is a standard that prescribes environmental management system specifications. It includes matters that must be observed when developing environmental management systems that comply with ISO standards.


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