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Offshore Support Vessels

Through K LINE OFFSHORE AS in Norway, we provide offshore support vessel service to support the expanding offshore energy development industry.


World's Largest Scale Offshore Support Vessels

There are two main types of offshore support vessels: platform supply vessels (PSV) and anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels. PSVs are known as the "trucks of the ocean," as they are used primarily to transport materials and fuel to oil and gas field development rigs. When drilling rigs are transported to different locations, AHTS vessels are used to reel up the anchor from the seabed, tow rigs and support seabed pipeline laying.

K Line Offshore's new PSVs are among the largest PSVs with deadweight capacity of 5,100 tons and deck space of 1,100 square meters, providing about 1.5 times the capacity of standard type PSVs. Demand for this type of large PSV is rising in conjunction with the shift to more distant offshore oil and gas field development.

K Line Offshore's AHTS vessels have a total length of 95 meters and a width of 24 meters with 34,000 BHP of propulsion power, rivaling the power of very large crude carriers (VLCC). They use this power to tow the rigs that drill in oil and gas fields and to lift rig's anchors. Our AHTS vessels have 390 tons of traction (Bollard Pull) which is one of most powerful in the world for the operation in ultra deep water.

The AHTS vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including remotely-operated vehicles that are used to perform work on the seabed, such as installation, repair, and inspection of oil field development equipment and 250-ton A frames that can raise and lower large seabed equipment.

Both PSV and AHTS are equipped with dynamic positioning systems (DPS) that use the vessel's own propulsion equipment to maintain a fixed position. They also comply with strict environmental specifications known as clean design such as double-hulled fuel tanks and ballast water processing equipment in advance of the Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, providing high-quality environmental performance.

Powerful AHTS vessels 

Powerful AHTS vessels

PSVs are used to transport materials and fuel to rigs

PSVs are used to transport materials and fuel to rigs

An AHTS vessel (foreground) engaged in rig support operations.

An AHTS vessel (foreground) engaged in rig support operations.

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