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Car Carriers

Since 1970, when "K" Line deployed TOYOTA MARU No.10 as Japan's first PCC (Pure Car Carrier), we have been recognized as a pioneer in safe and prompt transportation of passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles. We are actively upgrading the fleet and working to improve transportation quality.

Latest Initiatives

Service Enhancements

Expanded Handling of High & Heavy Vehicles, Agricultural and Construction Machinery, and Static Cargo

"K" Line is expanding its services provided mainly on the Atlantic routes to include routes to and from Asia as well. We are able to transport high & heavy vehicles and agricultural and construction machinery as well as oversized, static cargo using mafi trailers.

Intra-Asia Services

Adding to existing services destined to Philippine, Straits, and China/Hongkong, we broadened our Intra-Asia service network by starting Bay of Bengal destination service in 2013. We are establishing the transportation structures necessary to respond flexibly to customer needs not only for freight departing from Japan, but also for freight arriving in and departing from Southeast Asia and Intra-Asia, a segment where demand is growing.
Japan-South East Asia / Myanmar Service pdf
Intra Asia Service pdf

Services between North America and Asia/Oceania

"K" Line launched regular services from the west and east coasts of the United States to Asia and Oceania in 2009. We can accommodate privately own vehicles, high & heavy vehicles and static cargo.
North-America to Asia/Australia Express (NAX) Service pdf

Coastal Transport in Europe

"K" Line transferred coastal transport of CBU in Europe from a joint venture company to "K" Line European Sea Highway Services GmbH (KESS), a wholly owned subsidiary, on July 1, 2003. Following the establishment of a joint venture with a logistics firm in conjunction with the expansion of local production in Europe, we have reinforced transport services for CBU, increasing annual transport capacity from approximately 180,000 vehicles in 1991 to approximately 730,000 vehicles in 2014. We will continue responding flexibly to the globalization of automobile production and providing efficient transport services by linking with the "K" Line global transport network for CBU
Short Sea Service in Europe (KESS) pdf

Coastal Transport in Europe


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