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Since 1970, when "K" Line deployed TOYOTA MARU No.10 as Japan's first PCC (Pure Car Carrier), we have been recognized as a pioneer in safe and prompt transportation of passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles. We are actively upgrading the fleet and working to improve transportation quality.

Forty-Year History of Transporting Automobiles

"K" Line's history of marine transport of automobiles spans more than 40 years.

In 1968, "K" Line completed construction of the Toyota Maru No. 1, a multi-level car carrier with a capacity of 1,250 vehicles. Since then, "K" Line has continued to focus its energy and passion as a pioneer in the transport of completely built-up cars. We introduced the Toyota Maru No. 10, Japan's first pure car carrier (PCC), in 1970, and the European Highway, the world's largest PCC at the time (with 4,200-vehicle capacity), which also boasted the highest navigation speeds, in 1973, consolidating our position as a world leader.

In 2014, PCC transported approximately 17 million vehicles worldwide (excluding European coastal transport), of which "K" Line transported approximately 2.5 million vehicles or 15%. As of January 1, 2015, "K" Line operates around 85 PCC on service routes spanning the globe using these vessels.
Since 1968, "K" Line has expanded its fleet and focused on technological innovation while working to achieve the highest levels of safety in navigation and prevent damage to goods during transport to meet the rapidly changing needs of global automobile markets. We remain committed to providing services tailored to customer needs around the world in the future.

Forty-Year History of Transporting Automobiles
Forty-Year History of Transporting Automobiles


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