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July 14, 2003
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

A Handling Guide for Dangerous Cargo Starts to Run on Its Intra-Network

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" LINE) takes pleasure in announcing that it is going to run a handling guide for dangerous cargo on the in-house intra-network. This concept has realized that a great number of "K" LINE's global cargo sales agents as well as its tri-polar containership operation offices/centers, i.e. Singapore, Richmond U.S.A. and London Europe, are capable of having access to the handling guide on a unitary basis. The new system has been in operation from July 2003. With a view to dangerous cargo whose handling is more solidly regulated all over the world, it is aimed at:

  1. Company's staff and agent people engaging in "K" LINE's container services further deepen their understanding and raise their consciousness of handling dangerous cargo.
  2. The level of safe transportation be upgraded.

The merits of the system are outlined as follows:

1) Accessing the handling guide easily on the communications network, we can be aware of the present limitations, details of rules and process of changes to rules if any, relating to dangerous cargo at both loading and discharging ports. Thereby, "K" LINE and its agents are able to respond to customer inquiries with promptness.

2) We can use a tool or prototype for application of dangerous cargo that the handling guide carries. It can help lessen incompleteness of information on the dangerous cargo and increase efficiency in supervising job. Persons in charge of sales can be led to judge rather easily whether a mixture of plural dangerous shipments within one container is possible or not.

3) The inherent commodity names tend to be entered in the particulars of dangerous cargo submitted by customers. It is the case that an error in writing may be penalized. With the new system in operation, however, we are able to easily find proper shipping names from the UN numbers and to verify whether a customer's entering is right or not. If anything wrong is found, we will advise the customers to correct their names of relevant shipments.

4) In light of the handling guide on the Intra-Network, we can communicate explicitly with detailed explanation on securing appropriate separation from other shipments in stowage. It helps map out a stowage plan more easily, ensuring safe transport of dangerous cargo.

We are committed to step up efforts for safe transport of dangerous cargo from the perspectives of safe navigation and environmental preservation, fundamental objectives in "K" LINE's management direction.


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