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April 14, 2004
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Construction of 300,000 dwt Super Large Ore Carrier
for JFE Steel Corporation

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K"LINE) takes pleasure in announcing that agreement has been reached to construct a 300,000 dwt super large ore carrier for JFE Steel Corporation (JFE). The construction is to be carried out by Universal Shipbuilding Corporation with her completion scheduled for 2008.

The newbuilding is in accordance with a long-term voyage charter contract between JFE and "K"LINE. Once she is launched, this newbuilding will engage in iron ore transport for JFE as the very first super large ore carrier dedicated in the trade from Brazil to *Villanueva in the Philippines. She will be one of the largest of all carriers ever deployed for JFE, and will be of an optimal ship type that reflects the special handling capability as a result of Villanueva's deep-draft berth. She will also be the largest of all the bulk carriers/iron ore carriers that "K"LINE has ever constructed, which indicates just how significant this epoch-making event will be in the Company's history.

As the global production of crude iron and steel still continues to be on the increase, it is prospected that a larger amount of raw materials for iron and steel will also continue to move in the foreseeable future. To strengthen our company's overall transport capability, "K"LINE has been making positive and diligent efforts for upgrading its fleet. It is therefore a matter of course that the Company is responding with flexibility and positiveness to the increasing demand for the most effective marine transport of raw materials for iron and steel production.

* an exclusive berth owned/operated by Philippine Sinter Corporation, a subsidiary of JFE.

Ship Particulars:

LOA Approx.330 meters
Breadth Approx.55 meters
Deadweight Approx. 300,000 metric tons


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