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May 13, 2004
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Change of Board Members as of June 29, 2004

At a regular meeting of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Board of directors on May 13, it has been resolved to promote Directors and to change the responsibilities of some Board of Directors as of June 29,2004.

(name) (new position) (current position)
Norio Tsutsumi Managing Director Director
Toshio Shimizu Managing Director Director
Toshinori Morita Managing Director Director

Board of Directors as of June 29, 2004

(title) (name) (responsibilities)
Chairman Isao Shintani*
President Yasuhide Sakinaga*
Senior Managing
Hiroyuki Maekawa* Car Carrier sector, Corporate Planning Group, Finance Group and China Business
Senior Managing
Isao Akiba* Bulk Carrier sector and Energy Transport sector
Senior Managing
Yoshio Iinuma* Container Transportation sector, Port Business sector and KLTL Planning Group
Senior Managing
Yoichi Hasegawa* Corporate sector (except Corporate Planning Group and Finance Group) and Marine/ Technology sector
Managing Director Nobuya Kamisaka Containership Sales Sector, President of "K"Line (Japan) Ltd.
Managing Director Tetsuo Shiota General Affairs & Legal Group, IR & PR Group and Accounting Group
Managing Director Katsue Yoshida Energy Transport and Tanker Group
Managing Director Satoru Kuboshima Information System Group and Human Resources Group
Managing Director Fumito Kawamata CEO of "K"Line (Europe) Limited
Managing Director Shigeru Soda Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Group
Managing Director Norio Tsutsumi Ship Planning Group and Environment Team of Marine Safety Administration Group
Managing Director Toshio Shimizu Containerships Business Group, Container Transport Management Group and Port Business Group
Managing Director Toshinori Morita Car Carrier Business Group
Director Shigenori Ishii Thermal Coal Group
Director Yoshiyuki Ohta Bulk Carrier Group
Director Hisashi Yasui LNG Group
Director Toshio Suzuki President and CEO of "K"Line America,Inc.
Director Mamoru Shozui Corporate Planning Group, Finance Group and China Division
Director Kozo Eguchi Maritime Cost Administration Group,Marine Safety Administration Group and Human Resources Group
Director Takumi Yoshii Car Carrier Planning & Development Group

*Marked Directors represent the company


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